What Brings You Joy During the Corona Virus Pandemic?

Big Question: What brings you joy during the Corona Virus Pandemic?

How are you all doing? So many thoughts run through my head on a daily hourly basis. How about you?

One minute I am cruising along getting things done, being creative, feeling accomplished. The next minute I am scrolling and scrolling through Instagram or Facebook, looking for something to entertain me and make me smile. Are you doing that? At times I am sad, sometimes I am worried, other times I am extremely distracted.

I know that we have to be responsible and understand how serious all of this is and how we MUST stay at home in order not to spread germs.

But I am a travel writer, and I travel for a living! I don’t pretend I went somewhere and write about it. I actually go there! My friends in the tour business have shut down tours, travel brands can’t spend their marketing dollars right now to hire me to write about a destination that no one can visit! Hellloooo, this is a challenge, I’m not going to lie.

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