Books and Travel, Travel and Bookstores

travel and book stores
When we renovated our kitchen we built this wonderful nook just for my cookbook library. My favorite spot in the house.

Travel and Bookstores

Books and travel, travel and bookstores, they go together like peanut butter & jelly, cracker and jacks and iced tea on a hot summer day. I have been an avid reader my whole life and since I started the blog I have learned to combine my reading life with my travel life. As part of every itinerary, I look for local bookstores when I visit a new city. Do you do that?

This passion for connecting my travel destinations and my readerly needs has gotten stronger and stronger now that I have so much more time to read. When my children were young and we were so busy with school and sports activities, I was lucky to read a book a month. But now, I can plan my reading life, explore more and even try to pair books with my upcoming destinations. And there’s more…

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Our 34th Wedding Anniversary & Our Daughter’s Wedding! Yep, on the same day!


34th wedding anniversary

A Wedding Anniversary and a Wedding!

In just a few days, Alexandra, our oldest child, will be a bride walking down the aisle, thirty-four years to the day that I did. Did I know three and a half decades ago that our daughter would be getting married on the same day as we were? No, of course not.

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Is a Visit to Mazatlán in Your Future? Empty Nesters are Flocking There!

a visit to Mazatlán

Please welcome my newest Guest Adventurer, my friend and travel journalist Stacey Wittig. Here is her quick bio:”I can’t stop exploring the world (I blame it on my father’s Viking blood) and write about my adventures – many as a solo woman traveler. Life isn’t always rosy; I lost my firecracker reasoning skill to head injury in a horrific rollover accident that should have taken my life. Brain injury hasn’t stopped me from traveling, although sometimes it makes for amusing travel anecdotes.” Follow along at

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The Secret to Successful Multigenerational Travel :: Food & Wine

The Palio
On the streets of Siena!

The Secret to Successful Multigenerational Travel

Someone recently asked me why I thought that multigenerational travel works for some, but not for others. After giving this some thought, I think the magic is in what you do. Is this an activity that is embraced by everyone? Or is this one person’s idea of a good time and everyone else has to go along with it?

The key to successful group travel, especially those with different age groups lies in the willingness of the group to communicate. To ensure that everyone is well represented and that members of the group are not railroaded into doing something that isn’t of interest to them.

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A Wedding Adventure: I Will Be Mother of The Bride !

MOB and Bride to Be at the first bridal shower

An Empty Nester Adventure:: I will be Mother of the Bride

Great news! Our princess is getting married! I haven’t written about this yet because I just didn’t know where to begin. It is such a thrilling new adventure. The Empty Nester life is different for everyone and truthfully I think that I am living the ultimate empty nester existence. We travel, we downsized, we can go out on a Tuesday if we feel like it and we got a dog!

When our youngest left the nest I had a really difficult time. I began writing about it and Adventures of Empty Nesters was created. Fast forward 4 ½ years later and this blog has become a fabulous and fulfilling career! I am still writing about our empty nest but have expanded to our life adventures and working with cutting edge travel and tourism brands. Our sojourns around the world hopefully inspire others to get out and find adventure too!

But I do have a real home life too! I still pick up dog poop, take out the trash (only when Craig isn’t home) do yard work, get the plumbing fixed, do the marketing, cook, all the regular things that wives and spouses do.

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A U2 Adventure :: How I Met Bono and Got a Tattoo

how I met Bono

An Adventure of a lifetime

Adventures come in all sorts of sizes, shapes and packages – What would it feel like to meet one of the biggest rock stars in the world and then getting his signature tattooed on your arm? Who says that life isn’t exciting after the kids move away?

I heard this story from a travel writer friend and it was so fascinating that I asked her to share it with you. Thanks Lori.

How I Met Bono – It’s an amazing story!

Sure, you can look back on events in your life that were pivotal…


The birth of your children.

Perhaps a peak moment in your career.

At this time in our lives, most of us have experienced all the highlights, moments that when we reflect on them we get an instant smile on our face.

Sure I’ve had those moments too, but there is one day that will forever leave a mark on me. That one story that I can tell over and over again and it transforms me into a 7th grade girl with all the emotions of crushing on Donny Osmond.

The first U2 concert I went to was in Madison, Wisconsin in 1992 during the Zoo TV tour. I was transformed that night by the spectacle of this multi media show. I really liked U2’s music before, but seeing Bono work the audience that night was mind-blowing. I have long had a soft spot in my heart for lead singers (hello, my name is Lori, I’m 55 years old and I totally fangirl over Bono!).

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Celebrate the Last of the Season – A List of Our Favorite Summer Activities

favorite summer activities

Last year I created a list of our top ten favorite things about Summer and as I looked back at the list, we still enjoy them all, but I have a few more to add.

What are your favorite summer activities?

Summer is coming to a close and it is fun to reflect upon some of our favorite things we like to do this time of year. Did you love it when your kids were young and there was no set schedule? But when that summer freedom was threatened by the upcoming Fall school year, there was almost a layer of sadness it was over. Do you remember that?

But now that our children are grown, this is not something that we even have to think about!  However Craig and I do notice the comings and goings of the young families at our neighborhood elementary school. Watching them brings back great memories.

For me, Labor Day Weekend marks the transition in to Fall. Funny though, in Los Angeles the weather is still the same! No Fall sweater weather here, I have to travel to find it!

favorite summer activitie
There is always time for ice cream.

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How to Beat the Challenges of the Empty Nest and Have a BLAST!

challenges of the empty nest

You Can Beat the Challenges of the Empty Nest and THRIVE

The truth is that the Empty Nest isn’t really all that empty. It is actually a place full of ideas and possibilities that will blow your mind! It may seem very quiet and empty right after the kids have left for school, but soon it won’t feel that way. It takes time, but the Empty Nester Adventure is an enlightening one and one filled with promise.

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