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The tulip fields in the Skagit Valley, Washington


What is Adventures of Empty Nesters?

What is life without adventure? Now that our kids are grown and happily living on their own, it is time to focus on what we want! I started AdventuresofEmptyNesters.com in January 2014 to help bring together a global community of people who don’t plan to spend this valuable time in life sitting on the couch!

Every year my husband Craig and I create a new plan for our next series of adventures. Sometimes we stay right here in the United States and enjoy the big cities, luxury hotels and fabulous chef-inspired restaurants. Every year we plan a trip or trips to new destinations we have not yet traveled to before. It is so difficult to choose, there is never enough time to get to know a city in one visit.

A couple of years ago we began a complete renovation of a 1937 Spanish Colonial fixer upper in Pasadena, CA. This renovation of our Empty Nest has become one of our greatest and most challenging adventures. You can read more about this in The Empty Nest section at the top of this page.

The truth is that I am actually the creator, organizer, writer, and photographer of Adventures of Empty Nesters, but my amazing (and handsome) husband does travel with me most of the time and provides me with financial, emotional and creative support. After almost 33 years of marriage, we are still best friends and ready to spend another 33 years finding adventure!

As it turns out… Empty Nesters are very creative and interesting people. We write about subjects that affect all types of age groups. Share the website with your kids as well, I bet they will love it!

This blog has been a springboard to my freelance luxury travel and lifestyle writing career specializing in midlife experiences. My geographic locations of special expertise: Maui, Los Angeles, Pasadena, San Francisco, Napa Valley, New York, Seattle, San Diego, Orange County, Italy, France, Curacao and Costa Rica.

Lifestyle expertise: Family, motherhood, grown children, empty nest, midlife, nutrition, home renovation and design

My family

My husband Craig and I have been married for 33 years and our two fabulous adult children are Alexandra, 29 and Nicholas, 25. Our three year old dog Rocco is our canine substitute child and very spoiled. I love traveling, cooking, restaurants, flowers, exercising, photography and reading ~ in no particular order. I want to know about you and your family and what makes you happy and fulfilled! Please share it with us!

Christmas with our adult kids
Cheers from the Staverts

Best to you!


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