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Travel to Africa with Samantha Johnson of Collette

Friday February 16, 2024

Welcome to Episode Two of our African Safari series. In Episode One, I interview and talk with my husband, Craig Stavert. We share many details of what it was really like going on safari with Collette. It is a great way to begin this series of episodes.

Now, in Episode Two, you meet Samantha Johnson. She was our Collette tour guide, and she managed our experience perfectly. The tour is called Wilderness of Southern Africa: Safari By Land and By Water. This is a small group tour, where we bonded easily with the guests and had a blast getting to know each other.

This woman has touched my heart, and I cannot wait for you to get to know her as well. It is an extraordinary experience for me to meet someone like Samantha. I don’t mean to be dramatic, but meeting her has absolutely 100% changed my life for the better. She introduced me to a world in Africa I never knew. It’s a wonderful privilege.

Samantha has 27 years of experience in the tourism business in Africa; she is highly knowledgeable and passionate about sharing her beloved Africa with all of the guests on tour. Samantha begins our interview by telling us a little bit about growing up in Apartheid, having a black father and a white mother, and the struggles that they had to endure. You will be captivated.

We then talk about what it is really like on safari with Collette. (It’s out of this world!) She shares how wild animals are a part of everyday life in Africa and that her “peace” came from the animals.

Highlights in the episode:

  • Details of Chobe National Park, where there are 70,000 elephants, several prides of lions, 450 species of birds, enormous giraffes, dazzles of zebras, herds of kudu, impalas everywhere, leopards, hippos and so much more!
  • The importance of tourism in Africa
  • Why Africa should be at the top of your bucket list and doable!
  • How the local people enhance your experience in Africa
  • The many incredible surprises that the tour offers
  • How Collette creates the perfect tour by land and by water


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"Africa is not Africa without it's people."

— Samantha Johnson

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