A Bullet Journal Adventure- What is that?

bullet journal
My new bullet journal and just a few of the many journals that I have been using!

I am excited to start a new bullet journal for all of my adventures ~

Are you familiar with the Bullet Journal? The Bullet Journal is a totally customizable organization system that adapts to your needs. It is modular by design and comprised of interchangeable methods that help you quickly capture and organize information. The four key concepts lay the foundation and they are: Rapid Logging, Collections, Migration and Indexing.

How do you stay organized, keep your adventures in order and track your goals? Do you keep your thoughts in your computer? Do you have one notebook? Several notebooks?

The bullet journal is also known as #BuJo and is associated with a multitude of other hashtags on Instagram. I learned about it last year, but I was spinning in so many directions I couldn’t sit down and get an idea how this new way of logging my info would work for me.

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