Sending Love to All That Are Suffering From The Las Vegas Tragedy

the Las Vegas Tragedy

Waking up to the news of the Las Vegas Tragedy

I have always been described as someone who is extremely sensitive. That’s not such a bad description but at times the burden is great. I am affected by the smallest of situations and react with tears and anxiousness more than I really want to and especially when we are surprised by tragedy.

Today I woke up to the news of the shooting in Las Vegas. I was tired and went to bed early so my first available news was seeing the heartfelt sadness and prayers sent to Las Vegas on Facebook.

I had no idea about any of the details and by turning on the news I quickly learned what had happened. These types of horrific tragedies happen so often it makes me sick to my stomach. The number of mothers, fathers and families that are grieving is staggering. What can I do that can make a difference?

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