Travel Manners & Airplane Gripes – Excuse Me, Your Butt is in My Face!

travel manners
Thanks to Tripit for this fun photo!


Airplane gripes & travel manners ~ Excuse me, your butt is in my face!

Most of the time traveling is awesome and exciting and people are mostly cordial and polite however, sometimes it’s annoying and frustrating to deal with the inconsiderate and clueless on a flight.

To be crammed into such a small area with strangers is a lesson in patience and personal restraint. As a frequent flyer I have become acutely sensitive to my immediate surroundings. I am small so I don’t really threaten to take over other travelers’ personal space, but I am exceptionally considerate to other people. I am kind, offer my help, and often assist stowing baggage. Oh, but the big people sometimes have no clue how their size infringes upon my ability to get comfortable.

Sheesh, there are travel manners and common courtesy rules…

Why does the extra-large husband always sit in the center seat of me and his wife? If she sat in the middle we women would have so much more room!

Why do many of the first class passengers take their sweet ass time putting their one bag in the overhead? They poke around, peruse, contemplate and then take their seat. I see this with the men mostly. Hello? There are 109 more passengers waiting to get on the plane. Common courtesy is not that difficult. Get going! Be Considerate Man!

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