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tented camp in Africa

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African Tented Camp

An Exclusive Look Inside An African Luxury Tented Camp

Friday March 1, 2024

Welcome to our third and final episode devoted to our tour of Southern Africa. We recorded three episodes that focused entirely on this spectacular experience on this tour by Collette.

In Episode One, I talk with my husband, Craig, about the tour’s unique details. In Episode 2, I interviewed our tour manager, Samantha Johnson, who ensured we all had everything we needed and the tour ran smoothly.

 I am sad to see the end of this series. This Southern Africa tour was incredible and magical, and I truly enjoyed sharing these details with you.

The tour by Collette is called Wilderness of Southern Africa: Safari By Land and By Water. You can find the links to the tour and other things we discussed below.

In this episode, I interview Terry Anders, the owner and operator of Iganyana, a luxury tented camp in Zimbabwe. During our stay at Iganyana, Terry and his team are responsible for creating some of the most amazing experiences of our tour!

Terry Anders grew up in a small country town in Zimbabwe, and during our conversation, he shared how growing up in the outdoors shaped who he is today. He started as a young apprentice, and then after 4-5 years of education, experience, and rigorous testing, he began his travel career. 

He and his wife created Iganyana, and Iganyana means spotted dog. You will hear all the details of the camp, which is located on the African savannah in Hwange National Park. When I envisioned what I thought a tented camp would look and feel like, ironically, it looked just like Iganyana. 

tented camp in Africa
Unbelievable experience at Iganyana!

Terry’s stories are captivating and he decribes the African tented camp as “simple luxury”. I concur! Our experience at the camp included the “most memorable travel experience of my life.” Truly.


Highlights in this episode:

  • Hospitality in Africa
  • The beauty of simple luxury and how to define it
  • Details of The Presidential Herd of elephants that live nearby
  • How to keep the pool clean when the elephants come to visit
  • How Iganyana was constructed to blend in with nature
  • What is the benefit of a walking safari, and why is it different?
  • The huge impact and importance of tourism in Africa


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"Often I have to pinch myself that this is not a dream"

— Terry Anders

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