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Come Travel the World with Lifetime TV Host, Scott Eddy

Friday August 5, 2022

Come travel the world with us today!

Are you looking to find adventure? You, my friend, are in the right place for an exhilarating 34 minutes! 

My travel philosophy? Say yes and figure out the rest. I always encourage everyone I talk with to find adventure, and no one exemplifies this philosophy better than my next guest.

Scott Eddy has a unique background. Although he began his career in investment banking, he changed his business trajectory and lived in Europe and Asia for 17 years. While in Asia, he started the first digital agency in SE Asia. 

He is based in Miami now, but he travels full-time as a TV host on Lifetime Television for a travel series called Video Globetrotter. In addition, Scott provides growth-focused marketing strategies to brands, primarily in the world of hospitality, and essentially turns storytelling into solid marketing success.

His enthusiasm for life and travel is infectious, and I can’t wait for you to meet him. Also! I have a program alert for you! Do you like watching your podcast episodes? Well, you can find this one on my Youtube Channel!

Travel the world through stories in this episode:

  • Learn how Scott started the first digital agency in Southeast Asia
  • Travels full-time as a video host and social media marketing expert
  • Visits 20 countries each year
  • He is an EPIC storyteller 
  • His Alaskan adventures are extraordinary – The Salmon! The Bald Eagles!
  • “How video brings a brand to life.”

You will laugh and sit in awe of his stories and adventures. We only scratched the surface of what Scott can share, but come listen and enjoy. This is a fantastic episode!

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"I lived in 6 different countries for 17 years."

— Scott Eddy

Show Notes

Links to Scott Eddy

TV host for Video Globetrotter
Visual Storyteller


Social Media: @MrScottEddy

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