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road trip in Arizona

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road trip in Arizona

Our Epic Road Trip in Arizona

Friday April 12, 2024

Welcome to today’s episode devoted to our epic road trip in Arizona. Don’t miss the links at the bottom! If you would like to go straight to the highlights and links to restaurants and activities just scroll on down!

This episode was not originally on the editorial calendar. But to be perfectly honest, I planned such a fantastic itinerary for this Spring Training, great food, beautiful landscapes, Grand Canyon Adventure, that I had to share it with you. Imagine us just sitting together over a cup of coffee or a craft cocktail and you saying, “So, how was your trip to Arizona?”

road trip in Arizona
Redwall Lounge & Distillery – Such an amazing discovery!

I am kind of embarrassed to admit that we had never been to Sedona or the Grand Canyon, but I soon learned that many of you hadn’t either! Now you will have an itinerary to use as a base for your next epic road trip in Arizona!

Every detail of the itinerary went perfectly! We are always open to learning about new places to visit, and we used several suggestions from various sources to create this long weekend vacation.

Royal Palms Hotel – Like a movie set


  • Spring Training do’s and don’ts – “Hot” Tips too
  • Fantastic restaurants
  • A new to us hotel that was once a private home
  • Learning to navigate rain while traveling
  • A spectacular chapel built in the red rocks of Sedona
  • A distillery with postcard views that will blow your mind
  • Seeing the Grand Canyon for the first time during a light snowfall – Epic!
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"Now is the right time for a new adventure!"

— Suzanne Stavert

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