Napa Valley: A Harvest Celebration at Quintessa Vineyard


Great friends, heavenly food, delicious wine and a breathtaking landscape are the perfect ingredients for an amazing experience in Napa Valley to celebrate the harvest at Quintessa Vineyard.



We discovered this extraordinary winery in June of this year when we were given a private tour. Quintessa provides guests with a comprehensive look at the vineyard, winemaking facility and underground caves through a unique personal tour. Additionally, we were taken on a walk to the vineyards behind the winery to a scenic overlook of the property and sweeping views of the land encompassing the Rutherford Appellation.

Craig and I became absolutely enamored with Quintessa through this unique experience. We loved the people, the stunning views and of course the phenominal wines so much that we joined their Wine Club. However, to be completely truthful, we truly didn’t want to miss any opportunity to visit! For this year’s Harvest Celebration we invited our dear friends Meg and Doug Pearson to the party on the grounds of the home of the Proprietors Augustin and Valeria Huneeus on the picturesque property of Quintessa.

The celebration was magical from beginning to end. We were greeted with flavorful wine and treated to a vast array of innovative cuisine and lively music. All four of us enjoyed talking with other guests and discovering new friends from Alaska to the Bahamas. The atmosphere was elegant and relaxing and we experienced a memorable afternoon. Augustin and Valeria greeted all of us as if we were family and shared their thoughts about winemaking and invited us to visit the private island on the property as well. Private island? How fun!

The Harvest Celebration



























1. Welcome to Quintessa 2. Our empty glasses await. 3. A view of their home and party in the distance 4. A tempting cassoulet with beans and sausage 5. Craig happily bringing us wine 6.Proprietors Valeria and Augustin 7. Amazing oysters 8. Meg and I at the entrance to the private island 9. A peaceful seat on the island 10. The four of us standing in the island gazebo 11. View of the vineyard from the hilltop 12. Craig and I visiting the wine caves 13. Tasting “Illumination” in the vineyard

A big thank you to Doug Pearson for photos 3, 5, 6, 8, 9, & 10

The Estate Tasting Experience is approximately 90 minutes and available by appointment only. Tasting fee is $65 per person.




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19 thoughts on “Napa Valley: A Harvest Celebration at Quintessa Vineyard”

  1. Suzanne, I was just at Quintessa on Saturday for their members Harvest Luncheon! Small world, my friend. My post will be coming soon. Maybe next year we will be there at the same time. Looks like you had a fantastic time!

    • Mary: Yes we will plan to be together next time and for any other event that comes up! I can’t wait to hear about your event!

  2. Thanks for your wonderful comment!

    I grew up on Long Island and loved watching it become home to some incredible wineries.I also envisioned all wineries as the ones in California and Europe.

    Here in the Carolina’s we’re the American home to the Muscadine grape (which I personally can’t stand) but the wineries are incredibly lovely, more like the Long Island ones, and they fortunately have some less sweet wines.

    I went to a painting lesson at a winery and now have a new hobby–getting sloshed while painting. No, just painting though….

    Next week I’m going to a “rock through the ages” concert at a winery in my town.

  3. That’s not a winery I am familiar with but I so love the Napa Valley that I know I’d enjoy a tour and tasting. Wonder if they sell their wines in Canada?


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