How to Get Healthy in Midlife: The Spartan Race (Amazing!)

Please join me and give a round of applause to Christina Mueller. She is a midlife ROCKSTAR! She took on a huge challenge in order to get healthy in midlife. She looked this Spartan Race in the eye and owned it. I am in awe of her determination, strength of character, enthusiasm and her willingness to seek adventure in a big way! She has guts and is ever so humble. I begged her to tell her story and I promise you will be inspired. Thank you Christina!



end with medal


How to get healthy in midlife ~

It began as a journey to lose weight. It ended with feeling more accomplished and fit than I had since I was in my 20’s. And I also lost weight. So what is the middle part of this story? I became a Spartan.

get healthy in midlife
Jumping over fire!


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