A NASCAR Racing Adventure from our Newest Guest Adventurer

NASCAR racing

I am Laurie Napier, I am a married, 53 yr old mom of 5.  I live in Scotts Valley, CA in the beautiful Santa Cruz Mountains. I have 4 grown adult kids all off living their lives in different parts of the West Coast. I have 3 amazing little grandsons and I have one very special son still at home.
I love traveling and discovering all the wonderful people and places in our Country.
I hope to get to do more as the years come. Looking forward to the exciting new things each day brings.  


NASCAR racing

Adventures in the NASCAR racing world!

I am not quite an empty nester yet, luckily I have a spectacular tag-a-long son who is 17 and happens to be a young up & coming rookie in the NASCAR racing series. We have had many adventures together in the last few years, which is a joy to me! To be able to spend this time with my boy before he moves on and leaves me alone is priceless. We have traveled all over the country visiting the different race tracks and exploring new cities, meeting new people and having a blast along the way!

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