A NASCAR Racing Adventure from our Newest Guest Adventurer

NASCAR racing

I am Laurie Napier, I am a married, 53 yr old mom of 5.  I live in Scotts Valley, CA in the beautiful Santa Cruz Mountains. I have 4 grown adult kids all off living their lives in different parts of the West Coast. I have 3 amazing little grandsons and I have one very special son still at home.
I love traveling and discovering all the wonderful people and places in our Country.
I hope to get to do more as the years come. Looking forward to the exciting new things each day brings.  


NASCAR racing

Adventures in the NASCAR racing world!

I am not quite an empty nester yet, luckily I have a spectacular tag-a-long son who is 17 and happens to be a young up & coming rookie in the NASCAR racing series. We have had many adventures together in the last few years, which is a joy to me! To be able to spend this time with my boy before he moves on and leaves me alone is priceless. We have traveled all over the country visiting the different race tracks and exploring new cities, meeting new people and having a blast along the way!

Our last trip was just last week as we traveled to Nashville, TN! What a trip, we were invited to attend a Red Carpet Movie Premiere for a new film coming out soon. We got to be all dressed up in fancy duds, and we got to mingle with some very cool VIP’s. The next night we were able to go to a HUGE Christian Music Awards show, the “Dove Awards”. Once again, we dressed to the hilt and spent the night listening to the best artists in the industry and checking out some crazy wild fashions! Boy do Musicians and Artists have unique styles!!!


We got to go to a rock concert too! My ears are still ringing from that one! I got a kick out sharing these events with my young son. funny how different our tastes are in music, but how much fun we had teasing each other about it! I learned a lot of new things this trip. Especially that I had no idea how much Downtown Nashville’s Broadway street and all its Honkey Tonks is like VEGAS! Wow! what a place to visit! gotta admit it wasn’t actually my favorite stop of the trip.
It’s very loud, very crowded and very much for the wild and crazy. Funny enough my son and I were both done by 10 o’clock and ready to go to bed. ha ha. Guess we’re alike too!
Packing! Well that was a challenge for a trip like this, as we needed 2 formal outfits each, and those suits and dress suits and fancy gowns take up a lot of space! I sure can use some help with packing tips for keeping a gown from looking like a wrinkled mess. My  bill was outrageous just to have it all steamed and pressed! Ouch. Then of course there were all those shoes! High heels for night one, then a different pair in case pair #1 gives you blisters.. and then pair 3 cuz a girl can never have enough pairs! Well, needless to say, it was a great trip and we had a blast.
Next trip for me is next week, off to see my grandbabies and go to Disneyland and Halloween parties!
Then I’m off the next week to Phoenix, AZ for my son’s next Race event! Whew it’s a never-ending adventure for this mom. Loving every minute of it!
(I could have written a novel on all of our travels, but thought I’d give a taste of it) I hope you enjoyed it.
Thanks for the packing tips! I sure need them!!


NASCAR racing

NASCAR racing

NASCAR racing


Thank you Laurie for sharing your NASCAR racing adventures and a view inside your very fun, active and almost empty nest!

Would you like to be a Guest Adventurer like Laurie? Do you have any adventures that you would like to share? We would love to hear about it. Please email me at suzannestavert@me.com


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