Spring Tulips, Fruit Turtles and More!

I write this newsy letter twice a month when I am not publishing a podcast episode on Travel Connections. Lots of adventures are happening outside of the podcast! Summer is BIG for me. We are doing some new things and headed to some new destinations this year and I look forward to taking you along. I appreciate you reading and for your comments as well!

My Spring Tulip Journey~

Have you ever planted tulip bulbs in the winter to come up in the Spring? I did it for the first time last year. I seem to equate the entrance of Spring with the wild tulips that pop up everywhere here in the Northwest. Since living in the Northwest, we try to plan a visit to The Skagit Valley, an hour north of Seattle, to see the planted fields, which are spectacular. I guess I have a slight obsession with tulips in general.

Spring tulip bulbs
I planted them above ground in a planter so the wild rabbits didn’t eat them!

In September, I purchased 25 bulbs of the Triumph Mix from Tulip Town. Tulip Town is a place where tourists and flower lovers from around the world come to visit in April and other months, too!

My mother, an avid gardener, mentioned that she was concerned that our wild bunnies would eat up all of the tulips once they started coming through. So, I planned to outsmart these garden bandits and plant the bulbs in my above-ground planters. I ended up planting them on November 12th, and my plan WORKED!

planted Spring tulips
Five months later!

I waited many months before I saw anything green poke up through the dirt. I watched and waited and received the greatest gift! In late April, I waited until they were fully grown to cut them and put them in a vase. I had such fun watching them grow slowly as the weeks went by.

The blooms are enormous!! I have already enjoyed them for a week indoors, and they still have a few days left! This was a gift I gave myself, and it keeps on giving!

Spring tulips
I am so proud of these blooms – They are enormous!


Fruit Turtles~

Our twin grandchildren love arts and crafts and especially love to cook. I looked through Pinterest to find an easy and entertaining activity we could do together. We made delicious baby turtles from sliced kiwi and green grapes.  The eyes are mini-chocolate chips! The kids are still talking about this adventure. They truly had a blast, and so did I.

The inspiration from Pinterest

Author Event

My daughter Alex and I attended an author talk given by Gabrielle Zevin. I have read several of her books, but she primarily focused on her latest novel, Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow. Have you read it? It’s fantastic. Do you look for events like this in your area?

Seattle Trip ~

On a bright and sunny Saturday, Craig and I headed into Seattle for a day trip that included our favorite brunch at Oddfellows and shopping at Pike Place Market. The market was so alive with tourists and bursting at the seams with Spring Flowers! What a treat!

eggs benedict
My favorite Benedict in Seattle!

Travel Connection Podcast News~

On the podcast: Take a listen to our latest episode – A Spectacular Day at the Seattle Center

Coming soon! 

I interviewed Cindy Greenstein, The Points Mom. She is so knowledgeable and will save you money and time on your travel. This episode is a must-listen and will be published on Friday, May 10th.

Warning: Lots of travel ahead!

  • Another trip to So Cal
  • Cruise to Alaska with Alex
  • A summer blockbuster of new destinations
  • A fantastic fall schedule – and another new continent with Collette!

Until next time!


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