Listening to a Conversation with Frank Gehry at the Walt Disney Concert Hall


Frank Gehry at Disney Concert Hall

Listening to a conversation with Frank Gehry at the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles was a pretty awesome way to spend an evening! Christopher Hawthorne, architecture critic of the Los Angeles Times, interviewed Mr. Gehry on stage. They talked a lot about his early beginnings and coming to Los Angeles as a teen from Canada.

Frank Gehry at Disney Concert Hall
A view of The Walt Disney Concert Hall from across the street. It is so large it is difficult to get a shot of the whole building!



He is now 87 years old! Who do you know that is still being interviewed, sought after, hired, consulted with, admired and revered at that age? Easy going and truthful, strong willed, creative and sweet, I was totally captivated and so was Craig.

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