Beautiful Doors & More in the New Orleans Garden District

 Door to a home in the New Orleans Garden District

Charming porch vignettes, cast iron scrollwork, colorful painted doors and magnificent homes line the neighborhood streets in the New Orleans Garden District.

Luckily we missed the rain, the humidity and bugs to enjoy nearly perfect weather on our first trip to New Orleans. The city is so amazing and we found that the most difficult part of visiting is finding the time to see it all! (Sorry it is impossible) We just loved it though, so stay tuned for many more details in the days/weeks to come.

Although through the majority of the trip the temperature was pleasant, on the first day we arrived, the sun was scorching with intense burn-your-shoulders kind of heat. We toughed it out while touring the city but we were so pleased at the relief we received at sunset. Fortunately, for the rest of our wonderful four-day trip, the weather fully cooperated!

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