Beautiful Doors & More in the New Orleans Garden District

 Door to a home in the New Orleans Garden District

Charming porch vignettes, cast iron scrollwork, colorful painted doors and magnificent homes line the neighborhood streets in the New Orleans Garden District.

Luckily we missed the rain, the humidity and bugs to enjoy nearly perfect weather on our first trip to New Orleans. The city is so amazing and we found that the most difficult part of visiting is finding the time to see it all! (Sorry it is impossible) We just loved it though, so stay tuned for many more details in the days/weeks to come.

Although through the majority of the trip the temperature was pleasant, on the first day we arrived, the sun was scorching with intense burn-your-shoulders kind of heat. We toughed it out while touring the city but we were so pleased at the relief we received at sunset. Fortunately, for the rest of our wonderful four-day trip, the weather fully cooperated!

A little history ~

“Originally laid out in 1832 by Barthelemy Lafron, the Garden District was created after the Louisiana Purchase as a settlement for the new American residents of New Orleans not eager to mingle with those of European descent, primarily concentrated in the French Quarter. Americans made wealthy by cotton, sugar, insurance and shipping commissioned leading architects of the time to create classic homes in Italianate, Greek Revival and Victorian styles. The homes were built on generous plots allowing for the cultivation of magnificent gardens for which the area is named. The result is a breathtaking neighborhood filled with picturesque homes and enchanting surroundings.”

Our walk through the New Orleans Garden District ~

Door to a home in the New Orleans Garden District
This sweet old dog was decorating a porch with his pal laying behind him.

Door to a home in the New Orleans Garden District



Door to a home in the New Orleans Garden District

Door to a home in the New Orleans Garden District

Door to a home in the New Orleans Garden District
Evidently the woman of the house missed the corn fields from the midwest, so her husband had this incredible cast iron gate (painted a deep green) and fence created. It spans the entire property.

Door to a home in the New Orleans Garden District

Porch of a home in the New Orleans Garden District

New Orleans Garden District Tips ~

  • Take the famous street car to the Garden District, wear comfy shoes, walk and enjoy. Visiting in October is especially nice because Halloween is celebrated in a big way here! Many of the homes were so festive and dressed in autumn decor and with really clever (and spooky) Halloween decorations too.


  • Lafayette Cemetery #1 is directly in the center of the neighborhood, as well as the famous Commander’s Palace restaurant. There is a dress code for the restaurant and reservations are suggested. You can purchase a walking tour of the cemetery for $5. This is a photographers dream!
  • The spring would be a great time to visit as well when all of the gardens are blooming.
  • Don’t miss a visit to the Garden District Book Shop – This charming neighborhood store is filled with signed copies, local cookbooks and a plethora of interesting titles.


Lafayette Cemetery #1~

New Orleans Garden District - Layette Cemetery
Lafayette Cemetery No. 1 is the oldest of the seven municipal, city-operated cemeteries in New Orleans. It is a non-segregated, non-denominational cemetery.
A view in to the Lafayette Cemetery
Walking among the tombs.

Wandering the quiet streets of the Garden District was a highlight for me. I was enamored by the ornate design, lush feminine gardens, and uniqueness of every single design detail.

When I asked my Facebook friends where to go in New Orleans, I received so many excellent suggestions. Everyone is quite passionate about this city and now I understand why! We did a good job with the time that we had by enjoying great music, delicious food, fantastic cocktails, gorgeous architecture and of course a trip to Cafe du Monde. Look for more photos and some great foodie details of our trip later this week.

Have you visited the New Orleans Garden District? What were your favorite finds?

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10 thoughts on “Beautiful Doors & More in the New Orleans Garden District”

  1. Wow! Wonderful photos! You must have had some incredible location scouts assisting you. 😉

    That was beyond great fun! We covered it all and had so many laughs in between.


  2. My dad took me to Antoine’s when I was little, and I’ve never forgotten the gracious atmosphere and kind servers. I don’t remember the food, but I remember the experience!

  3. I’ve always wanted to visit New Orleans, and I didn’t even know where I’d start before now! Just seeing all of these unique homes with pretty doors makes me want to take a stroll through these neighborhoods. Thanks for sharing!


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