A Breathtaking Visit to the Tulip Fields in Washington

tulip fields in Washington

A visit to the tulip fields in Washington should be on everyone’s adventure list!

Our daughter Alex has lived in the state of Washington for nine years and because of this, I have known about the spectacular tulip fields for years. You should be aware that a visit to the tulip fields is a wonderful way to spend the day, but it is an adventure in timing. First you need to plan a trip to Seattle, then you need to plan to go in April, then you hope it doesn’t rain and make everything super muddy, then you need to hope that they will be blooming when you arrive!

tulip fields in Washington

On the website Tulips.com you can find everything you need to know and they even have a “blooming” map so you can follow along to see when the peak of the bloom will be! For our trip to the tulip fields in Washington, we timed all of the variables just right and we had the very best, most beautiful day of miles upon miles of colorful tulips!

tulip fields in Washington
My lovely friend Shari.


My dearest friend and college roommate Shari, lives in nearby Bainbridge Island and she has lived there for twenty years. Amazingly enough, she had never been to the tulip fields! How fun for me to take her for the first time! Even more fun was to have a flower lover and photographer with me as well. She was able to capture the most amazing photo of me sitting in the fields. Since I am usually the one taking the photos, it is rare for me to have my picture taken by another photographer. Lucky me! New profile photo for every one of my social media platforms!

tulip fields in Washington
Thank you Shari!


There isn’t need for a too detailed itinerary, but we left Seattle and drove sixty miles to the Skagit Valley and it was a glorious day filled with sunshine! Weather.com said it would be clear and sunny on Wednesday, the flowers were at their blooming peak, so we jumped at the chance. We started the flower tour at Tulip Town and arrived just in time before the crowds, which usually arrive around lunchtime. Tulip Town grows acres of tulips and sells a huge variety of bulbs in person and on their website. The entrance fee is only $6 and visiting on weekdays is best!

tulip fields in Washington


We walked leisurely through the fields and took photo after photo, with every single shot so vibrant it took your breath away. Shari and I were giddy with delight and seriously in awe of the beauty of nature. After our time at Tulip Town, we ventured over to Roozengaarde where they take planting tulip beds to a new level.



RoozenGaarde was established in 1985 by the Roozen family and Washington Bulb Company, Inc. The Roozen family business of growing tulips, daffodils and irises is the largest in the world, covering Skagit Valley with more than 1000 acres of field blooms and 16 acres of greenhouses.



Each fall, the three acre show garden is planted with around three hundred thousand spring-flowering bulbs, providing a gorgeous display of color during the early weeks of spring.

tulip fields in Washington


The Roozengaarde was crazy busy, but we took time to view the beds where they planted examples of the vast varieties of tulips. The creative planting was fun to see, but we didn’t need to stay long. It felt kind of like Tulip Disneyland without the rides and fun food to eat. We were still so enamored with our morning visit to the fields, we were ready to make our way back to Seattle. Although it is a busy place on a sunny day (or cloudy day) I still recommend visiting Roozengaarde, there is just no place like this anywhere.

IMG_4050 (1)


Fabio Tulip
This interesting variety was called Fabio. It kind of looked like a Venus Fly Trap

More of the tulip fields! If some of the photos look the same, I loved them all so much I had a difficult time deciding which to publish in this post.

tulip fields in Washington

tulip fields in Washington

tulip fields in Washington

tulip fields in Washington
A little bee doing his job
tulip fields in Washington
If the weather is warm, the tulips open quickly and then wilt and die. Our timing was amazing!



I hope one day you will have the opportunity to plan a trip to the tulip fields in Washington. They will truly take your breath away.

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  1. Thanks Suzanne, for the wonderful day at the tulips! I had a lovely time and enjoyed the colors and varieties of all the flowers. You are a great friend!


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