A New Discovery ~ Gourmandly, a Fantastic Travel Destination Site


A New Discovery ~ Gourmandly

With a name like Gourmandly I knew immediately that we would have a great deal in common! Let’s see… “Gourmandly is here, crafting the world’s best gourmet travel programs. We believe tasting the distinct flavors of a place is the best way to intimately experience its culture, traditions, and people. Join us around our table and around the world.” Sure sounds like us, don’t you agree?

Since creating AdventuresofEmptyNesters.com, we have had the opportunity time and again to connect with so many like-minded people! I get so excited to share all of the wonderful things we find with you!

When you come across a great article or fantastic restaurant don’t you enjoy sharing it with others too?

Gourmandly is one of those thoroughly exciting discoveries that I cannot keep to myself! Gorgeous photography, intriguing destinations and colorful ideas are just some of the details that impressed me.

They offer personalized, small group tours to places like Croatia, Northern Italy, Peru, Provence, Spain, Sicily plus several more! These tours include incredible local food and wines from the region as well. Sound amazing? You need to take a look!

My friends at Gourmandly asked me to create The Empty Nester’s Guide to Travel to offer some of our empty nest expertise as well as a little inspiration for their readers. I had a wonderful time putting it together and I hope you enjoy my suggestions.

You can find the article on their truly beautiful website through their Journal. I hope you will take a minute and browse the eclectic list of really fantastic tour destinations. These impressive gourmet programs offered by Gourmandly are so creative and I can’t wait to join one!

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