Without a Doubt Empty Nesters Love Their Dogs

empty nesters love their dogs

Without a doubt, empty nesters love their dogs ~

Is it me or are you noticing lots of adorable new puppies on your Facebook feed? From chocolate labs to teeny tiny Chihuahuas, they are coming home to stay with the empty nesters!

Ultimately, it may not the best idea for enhancing your new-found freedom. The kids are grown, the house is quiet and you get… A DOG? Why now? Why complicate your life with a new puppy? Because they are awesome!

empty nesters love their dogs
Because he was the cutest puppy ever!

Where there is a will there is a way. Empty Nesters who choose to get a dog after the kids are gone are well aware that this may put a crimp in the flexibility. As you know, Craig and I travel a great deal and he travels for work almost every week so that leaves me alone a lot too! I live both extremes because I am off finding adventure with my husband and we are together 24/7 and the flip side is that I am at home completely by myself, with only my sweet Rocco to keep me company.

empty nesters love their dogs

Once a mother, always a mother and whether I am a mom to my two kids or to my almost four-year old puppy, it feels somewhat the same. Since he can’t talk back and there is no homework to deal with, dogs may be even a little easier! He is just the most loving, attentive, protective sweetheart that doesn’t leave my side.

empty nesters love their dogs

My sweet Rocco ~

Because he is so high-energy a three-mile walk is in order everyday so he is my extra calorie burner for sure. When my dad was so sick, I was really upset a great deal of the time. As I sat on the couch silently crying but trying to keep it together, he would come over to me and lay his head on my feet. His sensitivity to me is astounding.

He protects me from the squirrels and the neighborhood cats and barks if the leaves are blowing. He smiles as we take a walk and when he drops his toy in my lap. After he drops it, he then backs up expecting me to play and toss it back to him 100% of the time.

Rocco scares the be-geesus out of the mailman with his deep scary bark and no one should dare come to the door unless they have to. There are three little “yappers” next door that bark incessantly and makes me nuts. We are teaching him not to bark when they do. Although he looks at me and I imagine him saying “Come on, just once let me at them and I will stop them for good!”

Like my good friend Ellen, many of my friends are already devoted to their dogs. They did not need the nest to empty out to find companionship with their dogs. When the house is quieter and the daily focus is no longer focused on our children there is much more time for our dogs.

As I type, guess who is laying down at my feet…

empty nesters love their dogs

Empty Nesters love their dogs and they most certainly fill in the gaps that our children have left.

Do you have a dog? Did you recently add a new member to your family? Maybe you are a cat person? How do our animals affect us differently as Empty Nesters?

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19 thoughts on “Without a Doubt Empty Nesters Love Their Dogs”

  1. Our family has always had at least one pup in its mix, but when we lost our beloved 9yr old rescue unexpectedly last fall, we didn’t spend much time thinking before we rescued another. I am grateful to still have one adult child in the nest for a few months longer, to provide an extra pair of hands (wounded and bandaged as they are) to the puppy raising process. I know when the nest is truly empty, that this pup will provide for us all the love and companionship that you so accurately just mentioned. A mothers work is never done! Xoxo

    • Deb, thank you so much for sharing your story. I am so sorry about your 9 year old, that must have been awful. Your new little one is certainly keeping you busy. We are always mothers, if the children are grown or just a puppy!

  2. We got Boomer the year before our first graduated high school. He will be 7 this year and the nest has been empty for 3 of those. I wouldn’t have survived the transition without him!

  3. When our younger son was about to become a senior in high school, I started working at home. His instant response was, “Great. Now we can get a dog.” I pointed out that he would be leaving in a year, we wanted to travel more, Yada, yada, Yada. He would not be deterred and Dino, a 6 month old cockapoo rescue came into our lives. Dino just celebrated his 12th birthday. I’m so glad our son “made” me get a dog.

    • Dino is a joy and I always look forward to hearing your Dino stories. How is it that our children ask for the pet, but it always becomes ours? I am happy about that however…

  4. We are also empty nesters with a 12 1/2 year old black Lab/Bluetick Coonhound mix. It is very obvious that time is getting short for her which of course, breaks our hearts. We are also excited at the same time, as we have a pre-order in for a European Basset Hound puppy. Hopefully we will get her sometime this spring or summer depending on how many people are inline in front of us. Pets are so worth the love and companionship they bring us! Loved your post, thanks 🙂

    • I think your new puppy sounds adorable. I understand how you must feel about the short time you may have with your sweet dog. You obviously feel strongly about how a dog adds so much to the empty nest! Thank you so much for sharing your story and for taking the time to do so.

  5. My wife and I decided to take a break from dogs after we lost our 17 yr old (dog). We thought we would travel. While traveling was nice, we still had a good. Dogs really add something special to a family. I enjoyed your post.

    • Thank you Jeff. We have managed to travel and still have a dog. I have lost a dog too and it is heart breaking. My Rocco is sincerely my substitute child.

  6. My wife and I decided to take a break from dogs after we lost our 17 yr old (dog). We thought we would travel. While traveling was nice, we still had a void. Dogs really add something special to a family. I enjoyed your post.

  7. Hello Suzanne,
    How beautifully you have shared your feelings about your dog in this article. It will really make feel every people convinced to have this deep companionship with a pet who has not yet! A beautifully written article must say! Your Rocco is adorable.
    Thanks and keep writing good posts.


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