Enjoy the Simple Things ~ Dad’s Vegetable Garden

A scarecrow in a vegetable garden
Dad’s wife Pam is an artist, so their scarecrow has a very animated face.

Do you have a vegetable garden?

Yellow tomato in the garden

To witness the joy my father receives from creating and tending to his vegetable garden warms my heart. He spends time creating traps and concocting methods to out smart the varmints in the yard. The damn squirrels ate the cucumbers and the bunnies are nasty too.

budding eggplants in the vegetable garden
Budding little eggplants

Dad and his wife Pam live in suburbia, but he has managed to make a small area of the backyard into his little space of container garden happiness. Mr Scarecrow has quite a detailed face!  Pam is an artist, so she had some fun with it.

We moved recently to be close to him while he undergoes treatment for cancer. Dad is the strongest, most optimistic person I know. He is still outrunning this hideous disease, but it is a daily struggle. Lately his actions have reminded me to enjoy the simple things in life like tending a vegetable garden, eating al fresco and drinking a glass of wine while enjoying the view with people you love. Cheers Dad, here’s to many more sunsets.

More From Dad’s Vegetable Garden

He has lots of different pots, notice some of the “cages” over them.


grapefruit on the tree


Homegrown tomatoes on the vine


The sun is strong here in Pasadena and his tomatoes are divine. Is there anything better than a Caprese Salad with a homegrown tomato?


Dad was so sick the day I took this photo and still gave me the thumbs up when he saw the camera. Inspiring.

apples growing on the tree

a blazing sunset
The blazing sunset.
wine glass and a glorious view
The view from his yard.
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4 thoughts on “Enjoy the Simple Things ~ Dad’s Vegetable Garden”

  1. Aw, I love your sweet Daddy’s garden. And those tomatoes look awesome! (So does the wine and the view!) can he water? Are y’all having drought issues there?

    Tell him thumb’s up from me on a job well done!

    • Aw thank you Cinthia! I thought of you when I wrote this post! We can water on Tuesdays and Saturdays. He has turned off the sprinklers on the rest of the property in order to preserve water.

  2. your daddy’s smile is beautiful, suzanne! i don’t think he was smiling for the camera — i think it was for you:)


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