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travel to Thailand

Let’s Go Travel to Thailand!

Thursday August 3, 2023

Let’s travel to Thailand! Travel is back, and it is time to plan your next vacation! You will learn so much from my special guest, and I promise you will be well-informed and inspired for your next (or first) trip to this fantastic destination.

floating market Bangkok
Candy (at the back) Chelsea and Me at the Floating Market

This episode is a bright and shiny conversation with Candy Krajangsri from the Tourism Authority of Thailand. She is knowledgeable, inspiring, exciting, and funny, and she even gets a little bit emotional near the end of the episode as she shares a story about a personal travel connection. 

travel to Thailand
The floating market outside Bangkok – Damnoen Saduak

Candy is a part of the Tourism Authority of Thailand Los Angeles Office marketing team and oversees PR and digital marketing initiatives. Over the last several years, she has managed to combine her passion for food, travel, and content creation to help promote varying aspects of Thailand. And she never leaves home without her hair in a messy bun and her camera by her side. 

I have known Candy for over five years and have even had the great pleasure of traveling to Thailand with her. She’s fantastic!

Highlights in this episode:

  • Delicious food details, colorful flower markets, gorgeous temples, inspiring sunsets & charming people – Everything you need to know!
  • Where to find the best travel deals to Thailand
  • The allure of Bangkok
  • Practical travel tips for Thailand – Where to go, what to see, travel deals!
  • Customize your Thailand experience
  • First-timer tips
  • The importance of being a thoughtful traveler

Are you ready to go to Thailand? Have you already traveled there? Are you thinking about it? Make sure you check the links Candy shared with us. TAT and its partners want to help you plan your next trip! You can find all of the links in the Show Notes below!!

I plan to head back to Thailand too! Let me know your thoughts and questions! You can DM me through Instagram @suzannestavert.


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"Dive in to Thailand, we are waiting for you!"

— Candy Krajangsri

Show Notes

Important Links

  • Official Tourism of Thailand Instagram – @thailandinsider
  • Travel to Thailand Travel Deals, trip planning & coupons – Here
  • Customize your experience – Here
  • Suzanne’s Thailand Experience – Link to Posts Here & Here
  • Suzanne’s Instagram: @suzannestavert


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