What to see in Thailand ~ More Great Photos to Enjoy!

What to see in Thailand? Here are more exclusive photos of my recent Thai Adventure!

In case you haven’t read or seen my recent post Ten Reasons to Visit Thailand, I have a little more to share(but go back and read the post too) Of the 1500 photos of Thailand that I snapped, it was impossible to narrow the best down to just the ones I published in the first post. So… I thought a photo essay with fewer words and more pretty photos was a great plan!

Honestly, this once-in-a-lifetime trip to Thailand will be nearly impossible to duplicate. My friends at the Tourism of Thailand (TAT) showed us up close and personal what it was like to really see Thailand. Yes, we visited the popular and touristy temples (a must do) but we also dove in deeper to experience Bangkok on a personal level. To experience life in rural areas where tourists don’t venture nearly as often was such a gift.

That being said, any visitor can take my list, or follow the colorful photos straight to the location with a little ingenuity, a little help from a tour guide and an adventurist spirit.

What to See in Thailand ~ Tourism 2018 Kickoff in Bangkok ~

Check out the photographers waiting for the important people to arrive.

We were honored to attend two different public events celebrating the newest tourism campaign for Thailand. All of the country’s dignitaries were in attendance and it was quite an amazing show.

My VIP Press Pass – Very Cool

The first evening of the announcement showcased colorful floats with dancers and music while we sat as VIP’s eating gorgeous Thai snacks and sipping deep purple fruit drinks. The second evening was a fancy Thai bash like no other. Twinkle lights hung from enormous trees while we were thoroughly entertained by talented singers singing (mostly) American songs and the introduction of the new and engaging marketing video. There were elegant table after table of eye-catching and tasty hors d’oeuvre, creative cocktails with names like The Lady’s Groan (what?) I think there may have been a language issue. So funny and colorful! It was a blast! Amazing Thailand celebrated over 1,000,000 visitors in 2017.

Waiting for the beautiful party to begin… we took a few pretty photos. Look at the decor!

On the Street

So much happens on the streets of Bangkok. You can buy flowers, raw or grilled fish as well delicious, creative snacks. One of the most interesting nibbles we purchased was a small taco-like shell with marshmallow creme and cilantro. Sounds weird, but it was delicious! This city is so vibrant and so different from any place I had ever experienced. So much movement, strong aromas, busy streets and lots of smiling people.

This is one of my favorite photos of the trip. This little lady offers her cooked fish to pedestrians as they walk by.
Part of the crew checking out the street food.


What to see in Thailand ~The Floating Market

Coconut ice cream at the floating market
The homes are literally in the river at the floating market.
As I sat in a boat on the river, I was fascinated by this couple as she waited for him to crack coconuts with his machete. Just another day…

Bike Riding in Bang Kracho –

Bang Kracho is an unexpected green oasis in the middle of the city of Bangkok. Unchanged, quiet, and natural we rode through farms and by modest homes on the river and we passed a local tavern that was packed with patrons for lunch.

Needless to say nine Americans biking through their quiet village was quite a sight!

what to see in Thailand
A local restaurant at lunchtime


More Food…

I was quite the newby in Bangkok and not really a HUGE fan of spicy food. It hurts my delicate constitution(lol). I took a bite not seeing a slice of very HOT Thai chile. I asked for milk to help combat the heat, alas, no milk. I literally toughed it out and suffered in silence. This was a group of people I did not yet know, so I really didn’t want to look wimpy on the first day!

After that fiery lunch, my new friends took me under their wing and became my “tasters”. They would try the dish first and say “Yes, Suzanne eat this or No! don’t eat this one.” For rest of the trip there were no more “near death” experiences thanks to my experienced Thai foodie travel partners.


This divine fried rice with veggies was made especially for me by the sweetest person who cooked from a kitchen on a boat at the Floating Market. Yes, seriously!

More of the exquisite temples

Saying goodbye to Asia ~

On the last day of our trip in the Guangzhou China Airport, I am eating fried rice (my favorite!) and drinking an icy cold Chinese beer. Sitting on the table is my Thai farmer hat that I will carry 10,000 miles to my sister-in-law Lisa. She loved it! Remember to always #findadventure

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What to See in Thailand

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  1. Looks like an absolutely amazing journey. Thanks for sharing your photographs. I’m curious, what kind of camera did you take on this trip? I love using different lenses and and taking my time to shoot, but I’d has been so convenient to at time to just use my iPhone.

  2. I love to travel off the beaten path into the interior of a country to experience their culture. Exotic Thailand has so many hidden treasures along the roads. We ate our complimentary lunch during the fifty- minute flight from Bangkok to Ubon Ratchathani and were ready for the tour of lower northeast Thailand. One exciting stop was at a gong making village. Gongs can be traced back to the second millennium BC and even today, they still use the ancient methods. Considered the oldest, one of the most important instruments in Southeast Asia, the gong is used in temples, classic Thai music ensembles, and as decorations around their homes. Families pass the art down from generation to generation. After watching the young man hammering to forge the bronze gongs, I thought about how modern equipment eliminates the true craftsmanship of the past. Since each gong had its own sound, we used the mallet to decide which one we liked.

    Best wishes


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