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Travel to Tuscany: Stories From the Heart

Thursday March 14, 2024

In this episode, we travel to Tuscany, but we make a couple of stops first.

Angela Correll is one of just a few guests who have appeared on my show more than once. However, back in October 2022, our conversation was not about Italy; it focused on all things Kentucky. She was an essential part of a three-episode series devoted to my passion for this beautiful state and, of course, the Bourbon Trail.

Here’s an interesting side story: Angela and I first met in Tuscany when she and her husband Jess were saying goodbye to friends in front of their home. I was in Tuscany working with Tuscan Women Cook, an Italian Cooking school inside the medieval walls of Angela’s Italian village.

Our travel connection in Tuscany allowed for further connections with Kentucky. What a fantastic coincidence!

I intentionally share these travel connections with you because stepping out of our comfort zone, especially while traveling, so often enhances our lives in ways we never dreamed of. I love sharing my travel connections with you! Here’s more about Angela!

Angela Correll is the author of Restored in Tuscany, released in March 2024. She also has written GroundedGuarded and Granted, a trilogy of novels that became Amazon bestsellers and have been adapted to the stage for sold-out audiences at the Pioneer Playhouse, Kentucky’s oldest outdoor theater. 

I have read them all and absolutely loved them!

Angela and her husband Jess are co-founders of Wilderness Road Hospitality, a suite of businesses on Main Street of Stanford, Kentucky’s second-oldest city.

The couple have been traveling to Italy for nearly twenty-five years but recently made a second home in a small hilltop village by restoring a former horse stable inside the medieval walls of a tiny town called Montofollonico. These experiences formed the basis of her travel memoir, Restored in Tuscany: A True Story of Facing Loss, Finding Beauty, and Moving Forward with Hope

I have the unique perspective of spending a great deal of time in this magical Italian town, and I am so excited to share our conversation about one of my favorite places on Earth.

Highlights in this Episode:

  • How did Angela transition from writing fiction to memoir?
  • Why is Italy such a healing place?
  • Why are the natural rhythms of the Tuscan village so soothing?
  • What steps must we take to slow down and enjoy life more?
  • Excellent advice from Angela on how to do some “pruning” before we can embark on new adventures
  • Thoughtful lessons from her book Restored In Tuscany
  • What must we do to embrace a new season of life?


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"Adjust your time by learning how to savor each moment"

— Angela Correll

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