Hello Empty Nesters from the “Coast” of Illinois


A new “hello” post from Guest Adventurer, Laura, who is a land-locked beach bum who works days as a nurse and shares her land-locked life with her husband who is in law enforcement, which just scratches the surface of their sit-com similarities. They have two children who are recent college grads and a cat who has no interested in bettering himself, unless it involves learning how to open his tiny food cans. She also writes a blog called Coast of Illinois.

Hi to all the EmptyNesters out there. My husband and I are in the middle of  Empty Nest ‘phase 2’. Our son has set up his own life post college. Our daughter is using her old room as a temporary base post college, pending truly gainful employment.

We have employed a couple of coping mechanisms. Namely travel and a sailboat, with some pretty far fetched plans to sail it. I currently write a blog – Coast of Illinois – which is based on my experiences as a Land Locked Middle Aged Beach Bum.

I am not exactly sure what else to share here, but would be more than happy to share our attempts at living an island life in the middle of Cornfield America.

Looking forward to hearing everyone’s adventures.

PS- can’t really sign off without sharing a pic of our sailboat. Did I mention my husband built it himself! It’s a wooden sloop. And those beautiful sails? I made them from a kit! (And I can promise you, I will never make another full set again.)

Creve Couer


Thank you Laura for joining us and we look forward to reading more of your posts!


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    • Doreen – I would highly suggest a trip to Southern Illinois. We have some wonderful parks, lakes and even a cypress swamp! (Although I have not yet visited there.) Plus, we have St. Louis right across the river-wonderful museums, restaurants and world class zoo and the Cardinals!


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