Q: How do we find joy in our lives? A: We must look for it.



Joy is the emotion of great delight or happiness caused by something exceptionally satisfying

Life is what we make of it. We all have challenges and quite often most people will not share the struggles they may be suffering. Someone said to me recently that their life was joyless. I was surprised and saddened by her comment, from the outside her life seemed wonderful. Initially I didn’t know what to say, and then I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I wanted so much for her to find joy in her life. Joy is everywhere if we look for it.

How do we find joy in our lives?

Finding joy is much like writing in a gratitude journal. We need to be observant and mindful. We need to ask ourselves: What are we grateful for? Write it down. What brings us joy? Write it down. Save that list for when life disappoints and frustrates us.

I believe it is the simple things in life that bring joy.

Here are just a few that make me happy and joyful…

Hugging my children

Kissing my husband

Hugging my friend

Someone smiling back

To know you made someone’s day

To be thoughtful

A phone call from my kids (especially when they have a story to tell)

My dog Rocco curling up next to my feet as I type

The smell of the ocean

Beautiful flowers

The sound of laughter

Exercising outside

Cooking a great meal

Eating a great meal


Reading a great book

Sitting in the backyard with a margarita on Friday at 7pm

Finding just the right gift for someone

Watching a great movie


Surprising someone


We must be proactive, seek our own joy, and cannot rely on others to make us happy. It is not up to my children or my husband to make me happy. I (we) need to find it from within. Look for it. Find it. Seek it. Create adventures.


I am a joy seeker. Are you?

I hope you find more joy in your life than you can imagine!

Can you add to this list?


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12 thoughts on “Q: How do we find joy in our lives? A: We must look for it.”

  1. This is great Suzanne! I share so many of the things on your list that make me joyful too!! Reading your article made me think of what I am going to do today, checked off exercising outside, so what is next? I love “seeing” all of your adventures, including the amazing meals, so you give me joy!

  2. Becoming an Empty Nester is an eye opening experience! I LOVE my job as a MOM 100%! I feel a sense of success now that all three are grown up and living their own lives! That is JOY to me and makes the EMPTY NEST feeling not so bad. I am grateful for a wonderful husband who is also an amazing father!! I look forward to discovering new joys in our lives together along with sharing the joys of our children along the way!! Having the freedom to do what we want when we want is all so new AND I MUST SAY EXCITING! We live in a beautiful area so we need to take advantage of these moments. Thank you Suzanne for reminding me to OPEN MY EYES and BREATHE IN THE JOY!

    • Debbie I do think you appreciate the JOY in your life! We can still be joyous even if the nest is empty. We need to help others find that joy they are looking for. Thank you for your beautiful and joyous comment!

  3. What a beautiful list! The simplest pleasures are the greatest ones. And you’re absolutely right. We must be proactive and first find it within. We can’t expect others to fill our needs. Thanks Suzanne!

  4. Suzanne! Your post really hit home as I had an experience yesterday that I would like to relate. I took my dog, Blue, to a park not far from the high school. The high school cross country team was using the park for training and practice. There was a large group of girls on the grass and another large group of boys running the perimeter. I found it quite exhilarating actually. So I saw an elderly lady walking her dog and in making small talk, I commented on how this was great training for my puppy. Her reply was that she really did not care for it at all. She said she usually tries to walk her dog before they get there because she just can’t stand it. Why couldn’t they just run the track?, she wondered. So I asked, “Why would you not like it?” She replied, “I am not steady on my feet and I am afraid they are going to knock me down.” So I said, “They won’t knock you down! Look at this park-filled with all these young people! There is so much activity! It’s so beautiful! This is how a park should look! I love it! And besides, I wouldn’t want these kids to have to be confined to a boring track! ” So she said, “I wish I could see it your way.” And I said to her, “But you CAN!” And I walked away. (Our astute friend KB told me that there are no coincidences and she needed to hear that!) Now I just hope she doesn’t get knocked down!

    • You were the lady’s “joy angel”! You were able to point her in the right direction and help her see the positive!I love it!

  5. Have to say that taking our 2 little pups for a walk makes me experience JOY. They notice the bugs, the flowers, the rocks, other pup friends, grass, whatever. This makes me enjoy being “in the moment” when I just turn my thoughts over to theirs along the way.


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