A Marriage is Made of Millions of Tiny Moments

Last week I wrote about the success of our 30 years of marriage. Today is our actual anniversary and the final celebration of this Anniversary Tour. Celebrate your life, your loved ones, your friends and your family.

We are all so blessed to have people who love us. ~ Suzanne

“Marriage is a mosaic you build with your spouse. Millions of tiny moments that create your love story.” ~Jennifer Smith


October 20th, 1984





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8 thoughts on “A Marriage is Made of Millions of Tiny Moments”

  1. Happy Anniversary Suzanne & Craig! you definitely have a marriage that works, and it is so much fun to see it and live it with you! Ever since High School (wink, wink) you have shown what it takes to make a marriage last!! Congrats! Here’s to 30 more!

    • Thank you Dede! It is so great to still be friends with you since high school! You are such a dear person! Thank you for all of your support of Adventures of Empty Nesters and everything that we do! xxoo

  2. Happy Anniversary! So glad you are celebrating it in paradise! May you have AT LEAST another 30 years together! My parents celebrated their 60th this year, so it CAN happen!

  3. Happy actual 30th Anniversary! Hope your Hawaiian trip/tour (despite the quick storm that passed that way) has been and continues to be wonderful. Bravo to you and Craig!


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