Mother’s Day is grateful day for me



For me, Mother’s Day is grateful day. No job on earth is better than being the mother of my princess and my prince. No joy is greater than the love of your child. All of our children cannot have any idea what it is like to be a parent and could not begin to fathom how much we absolutely love them. Am I right?


Las Vegas – The day after his 21st birthday!


It is the little things that I am grateful for being their Mom. The calls my princess makes to just check in and then telling me every single detail of her day. The call my prince makes when he is in between classes and just wanted to say hi. When I see their names displayed on my phone, no matter what I am doing, I am grateful!


I am grateful that my kids still want to hang out with us. I am grateful that my prince even wanted us to help celebrate his 21st birthday! How cool is that?


I am grateful to see them become amazing adults, to make great choices and still check with us to see if they are making the right decision. I am grateful for the massive hugs and the “love you” at the end of our calls.


I am grateful to see that our strong, considerate son has the manners and integrity of his Dad. I am grateful that our extraordinary daughter is thoughtful and creative.


I am grateful that both of them love music and to love to cook like their parents. I am grateful for their individuality and ambition.


Mother’s Day is a celebration of Moms everywhere, but what this Mom really wants to do, is to celebrate that I am their Mom.


Happy Mother’s Day to all!




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4 thoughts on “Mother’s Day is grateful day for me”

  1. Suzanne…Another great post. Your children are lucky to have a mother who loves and treasures her children the way that you do. Have a wonderful Mother’s Day!

    • Thank you Jan! I appreciate your comments! I am the one who is lucky! My children, my husband and friends like you, make me the most fortunate girl ever! xxoo


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