Adventures in Italy ~ Our Big Summer Trip to See The Palio in Siena

the Palio in Siena

Are you familiar with The Palio in Siena?

The Palio di Siena is one of Italy’s most famous sporting events. It is a horse race with unique rules and centuries-old history. My guess is that you may have never heard of it either! About ten years ago our close friends Nick and Victoria, who are world travelers (67 countries), shared their story of the Palio in Siena. Craig and I were captivated and totally hooked. We vowed one day we would see this special event as well!

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Wordless Wednesday: Magnificent photos of Lake Tahoe by Tam

These photos were taken by Tam, a returning Guest Adventurer, who writes a fantastic travel blog called Travels with Tam. She defines the word adventurer. My “adventures” aren’t even in her league and that is the beautiful thing about having other contributors. We get to read and enjoy many types of experiences! Once I saw her photos of Lake Tahoe, …

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