It’s Hatch Chile Season! A Delicious Enchilada Suizas Adventure

Hatch Chile Season
A beautiful green array of Hatch Peppers by Melissa’s Produce – Before roasting

Ok, true confession, this is my very first Hatch Chile Season! For a very long time, pepper lovers from everywhere have been enjoying this prize produce which is grown in fertile soil along the Rio Grande in Hatch, New Mexico. Hatch peppers are harvested within a short six-week season and now I am a BIG fan.

After my first collaboration with my friends at Melissa’s Produce, I was thrilled to join their new cookbook launch, the Hatch Pepper Cookbook and it was published just in time for Hatch Chile Season. This delightful culinary anthology is their second book and it is bursting at the “seeds” with delicious recipes!

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