Saturday Morning: News on the web


It has been quite a while since I had a chance to share a few articles that Craig and I have found interesting. I thoroughly enjoy reading a round up of links from the week by other bloggers. I find that no two lists are ever the same and I have never seen even one article the same as mine or anyone else. It illustrates the point of just how valuable this curated content really is! If you don’t share it, no one will find it!

My friend Kim shares links that she loves and I follow Modern Mrs Darcy and she always offers information that I am unfamiliar with and frankly probably would never have discovered. Love technology!

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Saturday Morning Browsing: What’s New on the Web?

Saturday morning

What’s new on the Web? You may not have seen these links.

Sitting in the quiet of the early morning, with a big cup of tea, Craig and I spend an hour catching up on what’s new on the Web. We each share with the other anything that would pique our interest. There is so much noise out there and I think it is helpful if someone else curates a few stories for me.

I don’t know about you, but I find a plethora of fascinating ideas, posts, news stories, photos and inspiration from hopping around the Web. Throughout the week I receive updates and posts from various news sources and from other bloggers. When you subscribe, the articles that are sent to you are literally custom made for your interests. Ah, the convenience of technology!

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