Saturday Morning Browsing: What’s New on the Web?

Saturday morning

What’s new on the Web? You may not have seen these links.

Sitting in the quiet of the early morning, with a big cup of tea, Craig and I spend an hour catching up on what’s new on the Web. We each share with the other anything that would pique our interest. There is so much noise out there and I think it is helpful if someone else curates a few stories for me.

I don’t know about you, but I find a plethora of fascinating ideas, posts, news stories, photos and inspiration from hopping around the Web. Throughout the week I receive updates and posts from various news sources and from other bloggers. When you subscribe, the articles that are sent to you are literally custom made for your interests. Ah, the convenience of technology!

In Praise of Being Bored


Links from this week~

I always love to hear what ModernMrsDarcy has to say and this week she wrote In Praise of Being Bored and how she is reading Sherry Turkle’s book Reclaiming Conversation, which is all about the value of real-time human interaction in a digital age. What do you think? Are we having enough conversations? I don’t think so.

From the what a coincidence file! I was perusing the NY Times travel site and saw that there was a 36 Hours in Pasadena article. I was so curious what the writer would find important about my beloved city. Since I live there, I obviously have my favorite places and personal perspective.

So I am scrolling down the page to see a very large photo of my very favorite restaurant, Union. In the photo is none other than ME! What? My friend Angela and I were having dinner there the same evening the photographer took the photo. I actually noticed her taking a photo but did not think too much of it because she took it very quickly with her great big camera. In case you can’t find me… (black shirt sitting along the wall, no glasses)

The author did a great job with the story about Pasadena and managed to share lots of great places to go and things to do. Of course it is impossible to put everything into one article. Click ===>Here to read it!


Cheap Trick - New on the web

From Rolling Stone Magazine: Do you remember Cheap Trick? They have a new single! Their long awaited new album is called, Bang, Zoom, Crazy … Hello. It’s their first LP since 2009 and the longest break between albums of their entire career. They will be inducted in to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on April 8th.

To read more:


I found this yummy Double Vanilla Cake from the blog Cup of Jo

vanilla-cake - new on the web

What have you discovered this week?

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  1. Did you hear the news about the lady in Macedonia who grabbed a swan out of the water to take a selfie and it died because of it? I think that would be an excellent link to add to tell people to stop being selfish with their stupid selfies.


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