A New Online Travel Magazine for the Over 50 Traveler ~ A Must Read!

online travel

A Brand New Online Travel Magazine Adventure!

Two award-winning travel writers, Janice and Irene asked me to be one of the original contributors for their online travel magazine Getting on Travel, which offers a fresh take on luxury for the travelers over fifty. Now this is not to say that everything we write isn’t for just about everyone, but we are focusing on the people whose children are grown and flown from the nest, with more time to spend traveling.

At this time in our lives, our travel requirements have changed a bit and really where can we go to find this type of information? Both Janice and Irene are avid world-wide travelers and knew that this generation has seen a bit of the world. We are looking for fresh ideas and to find new experiences. Most of us would like a little added comfort and luxury when we travel as well.

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What Really Happens at a Travel Blogging Conference? A Lot!

travel blogging conference

I have just returned from Milwaukee, Wisconsin from the Women in Travel Summit 2017 (#WITS17), a fantastic travel blogging conference.

What exactly happens at a travel blogging conference? Lots of really cool stuff. We are given the opportunity to visit unique museums, walk though historic neighborhoods, admire grand architecture and feast in traditional restaurants that are found throughout the host city.

There are informative speakers, intriguing breakout sessions that narrow relevant topics in to very specific conversations. We engage in enlightening dialogs and have meetings with industry related companies and then there is more and more and more!

More importantly, I have the chance to be in a room with four hundred other women who are passionate about food and travel like I am! They totally get me. They don’t raise an eyebrow when I rearrange the tableware to capture a dish in just the right light, they all have story after story of trips taken and local cuisine they have devoured. There is a palpable, positive energy that runs through the meeting rooms and between women.

I left the travel blogging conference full (literally and figuratively) with delicious knowledge and tangible writing tips, as well as new friendships and partnerships with brands who I would have never met otherwise. Was it worth getting up before the sun rises to make my flights, enduring the time difference and freezing my ass off in Milwaukee? Absolutely.

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Travel For Life!

We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.

travel for life

Travel for life. Don’t miss anything! Once I got over my initial trauma of my nest being empty, I began to fill it up. I filled it with new ideas and new places to go. What I hear most often is “You are never home”. Actually that is not quite true, we travel a lot, but still have managed to increase our quality time with our family and friends. We want to do it all. Don’t you?

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