A New Online Travel Magazine for the Over 50 Traveler ~ A Must Read!

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A Brand New Online Travel Magazine Adventure!

Two award-winning travel writers, Janice and Irene asked me to be one of the original contributors for their online travel magazine Getting on Travel, which offers a fresh take on luxury for the travelers over fifty. Now this is not to say that everything we write isn’t for just about everyone, but we are focusing on the people whose children are grown and flown from the nest, with more time to spend traveling.

At this time in our lives, our travel requirements have changed a bit and really where can we go to find this type of information? Both Janice and Irene are avid world-wide travelers and knew that this generation has seen a bit of the world. We are looking for fresh ideas and to find new experiences. Most of us would like a little added comfort and luxury when we travel as well.

Getting on Travel feels that “midlife travelers have reinvented the term luxury travel and they want their passions to be shaped by their interests instead of their age”. Bravo! I concur!

This new website will be a great resource for you and for your friends! Please share this post with anyone who loves to travel and is not looking for more cookie cutter ideas. I have a link to the site, right =======> HERE.

This month I am sharing our super fun trip to Scottsdale and don’t miss many other really interesting articles written by some very talented writers. What a great idea to create a magazine just for us? I have not yet traveled to many of the destinations that are featured here! These savvy writers know exactly what we are interested in doing and offer all of the specific details. They have done all of the work for us!

How is your travel planning going? Have you made plans for the summer? The Fall?

Let us know!


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