Our Super Fun Trip to Magnolia Market in Waco

trip to Magnolia Market
The sun was shining and the visitors were happy!


Our trip to Magnolia Market in Waco, Texas ~

trip to Magnolia Market
We had a great time in the small town of Waco


trip to Magnolia Market
The famous silos!


Magnolia Market is a dreamy home design “theme park” suited for everyone! This unique destination is a bit of a cultural phenomenon drawing visitors from all over the world. I was prepared to enjoy myself, but pleasantly surprised to absolutely love every detail of this one of a kind spot!

trip to Magnolia Market
There were stunning displays throughout the Magnolia Market


The Magnolia Market is enjoyable, sunshiny, family friendly and filled with cupcake icing, flower arranging, home accessories & unique food trucks, where you stand in line a little and still have a really great day!

If you haven’t watched the HGTV show Fixer Upper and are not familiar with Chip and Joanna Gaines, the whole Magnolia Market experience may not be as exciting for you. However, that being said, Craig and I are part of the millions of fans who enjoy watching the talented couple redesign older homes and create truly beautiful finished projects.

trip to Magnolia Market
One room of home accessories in the busy Magnolia Market
trip to Magnolia Market
Gorgeous spring table design


Joanna’s design style leans toward farmhouse chic, but she and Chip have designed some super cool homes with more of an urban aesthetic as well. Craig and I tend to like a less cluttered room, but we like the farmhouse stuff too. As viewers, we are especially drawn toward the happy spaces they create which are trendy and comfortable as well as homey. As home owners we take what we find and like and mix it with our own ideas to make our home a reflection of us. You may have read here on the blog we recently finished our own personal fixer upper and thoroughly enjoyed the process.

trip to Magnolia Market

I read recently that couples over the age of 55 will spend over 3 billion (that’s with a B) dollars renovating their homes. HGTV has cornered the home renovation market and America is eating this up! Who do you know that is over the age of 40 and doesn’t watch HGTV?

trip to Magnolia Market
In the center of the market square is a huge synthetic grass area designed to let the kiddos run around and play games. Very clever and great for families.
trip to Magnolia Market
They even supply huge bins of all kinds of balls, frisbees and other toys for the kids to play with.


With Magnolia Market, the Gaines have created a neighborly space that entertains, inspires and excites thousands of visitors each week. Good for them! The silos are HUGE by the way! The Magnolia Market is not quite as tall as the silos… and filled with adorable home accessories. The cutie-pie Silos Baking Co, which is just steps from the Market, offers tasty homemade baked goods and adds even more charm to the area!

trip to Magnolia Market

trip to Magnolia Market
Check out the names of the cupcakes


Craig and I came to Austin so he could work and I could explore. He graciously drove us out to Waco (100 miles) and he thought the whole day was awesome as well. No complaints from my fabulous husband who gladly carried all of my potential purchases around the store while I shopped for more!

I highly recommend that you plan a visit to the lively city of Austin (more of our trip to come in future posts) and then take a day trip out to Magnolia Market. To be honest, I would have never thought to go to Waco, but Chip and Joanna have created an enticing new destination and bravo to them! It is an excellent example of American ingenuity at its finest.

trip to Magnolia Market

trip to Magnolia Market

A few tips when you go!

  • Yes, it is crowded, we were blown away by the number of people, but if you are fans, do not let that deter you
  • Texas is HOT – We visited on May first and it was 85 degrees!
  • They are closed on Sundays ~  Saturdays are crazy, busy-nuts -Avoid if possible – Go on a school day
  • Get there when they open or around 2:00pm when the families with kiddos leave for nap time
  • Take your time, don’t let the crowds bug you
  • Stand in line for the cupcakes, they are delicious and the bakery is very well run and the line moves quickly
  • The food trucks serve delicious meals and there are lots of choices
  • Don’t miss walking over to Magnolia Seed, it’s adorable!
  • Talk to people, everyone is so friendly and so happy to be there! They have traveled from everywhere to visit this one of a kind destination

Some personal thoughts ~

I have since talked with a gal who grew up in Waco who asked me, “What is the big deal? What draws people there?” I tried to explain to her that as “big city dwellers”, especially coming from California, small town life is not easily accessible. I found the lack of craziness, loud traffic and sirens, quite peaceful. A slower paced lifestyle can be quite desirable!

With the angry political energy that is woven through our daily lives, I found it refreshing to be among people who were happy just to spend time in an environment of simple, family fun.

I came home with a few goodies from our trip to Magnolia Market … Want to know what they are?

trip to Magnolia Market
A darling Magnolia Market bag, a linen scented Magnolia candle and this vintage looking cookbook holder that goes perfectly against my new backsplash!

We also visited the outside of Harp Design – No sign of Clint however…

trip to Magnolia Market


I hope you enjoyed our trip to Magnolia Market as much as we loved sharing it. Not everyone will have the opportunity to visit, but hopefully you can get a pretty good idea what it is like!

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23 Responses to Our Super Fun Trip to Magnolia Market in Waco

  1. I truly loved your blog on Magnolia Market. As avid Fixer Upper fans, our whole family watches this together, I so greatly enjoyed all the details of your visit. If I am ever in Texas this will be a definite stop for me! It looks just like on TV but the charm you carefully communicated in detail. I enjoyed this so much. Thanks Suzanne, you have a way of capturing the spirit of not only the places you visit but the emotions attached to each one. Happy Travels!

    • Deborah – Thank you so much for the kind words! I am so glad you enjoyed it. I was really excited to share our visit. We just love the show and Magnolia Market is such a unique experience. Thanks again!

  2. love that you and Craig drove 100 miles to go there! I love their show!! love their hearts for each other, Chip and Joanna…. have you read their book, so sweet how they met! Her design talent truly speaks to my soul!

    • I agree completely Linda! They are truly special and nice diversion from the negativity in the world. Next time you are in Texas, you need to make a trip over there. You would love it! Thank you for reading and for commenting!

  3. I love that show, not just because of the aesthetic, but because of the playful interaction of Joanna and Chip. (I like to think that could be my husband and I!) So cool that these entrepreneurs have capitalized on their success, but I’m sure with all this going on, there’s little time for that ‘slow life’ in the country that people come to experience! Fun fan post!

  4. Waco, Texas? I had no idea this lovely spot the Magnolia Market even existed. I just got back from a quick trip to Austin and would have loved to explore the interesting little find. I’ll definitely bookmark it for next time.

  5. Hi, Suzanne.

    I found my way to your blog through a midlife group on facebook. I’ve enjoyed looking around your blog – great stuff. This post is my favorite, though. Magnolia Market is on my Texas trip bucket list. (I hope to get started on that list soon!). Thanks for sharing your trip with us! — Kim

    • HI Kim – this is such a nice thing to hear! Thank you! I hope you will continue to visit the blog and read about our adventures. Are you an empty nester as well?

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