Dreams Do Come True, It Can Happen To You!


dreams do come true

Really, they do. Dreams do come true. In just a few weeks, I will be traveling to Italy to attend the Tuscan Women Cook culinary program in the Tuscan hill town of Montefollonico. I am so grateful for the invitation from Rhonda and Coleen, the two Southern California entrepreneurs who purchased this unique, established cooking school about one year ago.

dreams do come true
Coleen and Rhonda


Coleen and I connected through an article that I had written and have been fast friends ever since. I plan to share my experience in Italy through video, right here on the blog and through other midlife travel bloggers. So please check here and on Instagram, as well as Facebook for some fun photos and juicy details. For this trip I will be traveling without my empty nester partner Craig, but will try to enjoy this once in a lifetime opportunity. (LOL) Are you kidding? I can hardly sleep!

I have loved to cook since I was a young girl and having the opportunity to learn from real Italian nonni (grandmothers in Italian) and cooking their personal recipes is immeasurable.

Tuscan Women Cook Deliver a Mother’s Day Gift ~

dreams do come true

This weekend in honor of Mother’s Day, Tuscan Women Cook is inviting all of the nonni far and wide to come to a luncheon held just for them! Coleen and Rhonda wanted to celebrate everything these women from Tuscany do for their cooking school. My Italian is pretty bad but this charming poster says it all. The school is integrated in to the local community and the feeling of family and food is intertwined.

Dreams do come true…

dreams do come true

I cannot wait to put on my apron, gather around the old farmhouse table, get wrist-deep in pasta dough and learn Tuscan cooking from the source. We will learn to make gnocchi, tagliatelli, and pici—thick strings of handmade eggless pasta made originally in the area of Montefollonico.

dreams do come true
We will visit a local vineyard and drink some local wine as well as local farmer’s markets.


I leave on June 9th, so there is still time to join me! However, even if you cannot come with me on this trip, it would be a fabulous idea don’t you think? Who would you bring? Would you go with your husband? Your friends? Your daughter or son? Please visit TuscanWomenCook.com to get all the specifics and pricing information. Visiting Tuscany in the Fall would be AMAZING!

In addition to learning more about these Italian culinary traditions and eating my favorite cuisine, I will get to meet other cooking adventurers that wanted to travel halfway around the world to be there too!

dreams do come true

Let me know if you have questions and make sure you visit the website to learn more about this amazing culinary adventure. If you would like to receive their newsletter, send me an email to suzannestavert@me.com and I will let them know!

Great news is meant to be shared – Please forward this post to your family and friends ~

Happy Mothers Day to all!

Ciao! I promise to come home with a few phrases of Italian!




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2 thoughts on “Dreams Do Come True, It Can Happen To You!”

  1. This is a fabulous opportunity! I can only imagine how much fun you will have! Wine and pasta sounds like a heavenly combination. I’m looking forward to your updates! Have a great time!

  2. This sounds so fun!

    My wife’s parents traveled to Italy and took a pasta cooking class. They made the noodles and sauce from scratch.

    When they came back to the USA, they showed us how to do it. We basically recreated the experience they had in that class.

    The pasta was awesome!

    I’m so excited for you!


    Wayne Walls


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