A Life-Changing Trip to Kenya with Global Heart Journeys


trip to Kenya

A Life-Changing Trip to Kenya ~

While attending the most recent Women in Travel Summit, I was immediately drawn to, as well as fortunate, to spend time with my new friend Linda Higdon. Linda’s personal story opened my eyes to an opportunity that I never knew existed.

trip to Kenya

Just imagine traveling through East Africa’s cosmopolitan capital city of Nairobi, along the verdant slopes of Mt. Kenya and out to sweeping high deserts where you will personally meet remarkable women shaping change in contemporary Kenya.


trip to Kenya

trip to Kenya


Visit the women and children of rural villages, discover life-giving projects in urban slums and step into remote tribal communities. At night, return to lovely and comfortable accommodations to reflect upon the day’s adventures. This is not a mission trip, only a way to weave our two worlds together in a life altering experience.


trip to Kenya


Why did Linda create Global Heart Journeys?

A champion for global women, Linda Higdon is a performing artist, photographer visionary. Over the past 15 years, she has been “on the ground”, working, traveling, and building relationships with women who are igniting change in the developing world. She has a deep passion for introducing Americans to these extraordinary women leaders who have transformed her life and seeks to help others take a similar enriching journey.

In designing “A Women’s Journey to Kenya: Beauty in the Unexpected”, Linda combined her lifetime career in the creative arts with her work in Kenya. She is a classical pianist who has studied in Paris as well as a licensed ceramic artist whose work has appeared in galleries nationwide.


trip to Kenya
Half of our group from Austin
trip to Kenya
The other half of our group in Austin


My visit to Austin ~

Craig and I were traveling to Austin, Texas for work and my Adventures of Empty Nesters explorations and ironically, Linda was traveling there as well to connect with a past Global Heart Journey traveler, Judy Simon.

Judy coordinated a small group of open minded women, curious to learn about her experiences with Linda and the tour in Kenya. We sat in a large circle, learned more details of the trip and shared heart-felt personal feelings, stories of our lives and what new types of adventures we were searching to find.

The overlying common theme from every single one of these intriguing midlife women was this:

  • We are all comfortable in our own skin
  • We are ready to utilize our personal gifts and talents to help someone else
  • We are searching to connect with global women through our common passion for family
  • We want to know intimate details about other cultures so different from our own
  • In midlife, we have nothing to prove, know who we are and have so much to offer
  • We are looking for a global heart journey, a life-changing adventure

We spoke candidly about the world today and how we as mothers, daughters and friends could embrace the idea of traveling to Kenya and explore the culture of other women.

trip to Kenya
Judy with the children in Kenya


Testimonial from Judy Simon:

One cannot help but be profoundly changed by this “Women’s Journey to Kenya” because you are in the middle of how the Kenyans live – they draw you in and then hide in your heart for the best travel souvenir you will find anywhere. There is no negotiation on this! Bring your heart, your openness, and your sense of adventure and you will not return the same person who left home. Is it safe? Physically – yes. Emotionally – travel at your own peril.

I am forever grateful to Linda Higdon and the many women of Kenya for waking me up.

I have been asked repeatedly if this was a mission trip or a fundraising event. I called it a women’s study group. We were there to learn from the amazing and strong Kenyan women whom I firmly believe if they ran the country, they would change the world.

trip to Kenya
Judy loved working in the tea fields!


Click here for a wonderful video testimonial ~

Tour Highlights:

Join the “Women’s Journey to Kenya” created for women who are looking for purpose in travel. In this 16-day adventure, you will spend a lot of time with Kenyan women and children, discovering life in the heart of villages, tea fields and cities. And each night you’ll retreat to 4-star luxury and delicious cuisine. Linda Higdon, your tour host, has worked in Kenya for 15 years so you’ll have special access to people and places not found on any tour.  Feel completely safe and secure with your expert host and reputable drivers who are always there for you!

Delight in Kenya’s artistry, jewelry, music, and timeless traditions! Enjoy deep bonds with other travelers and the Kenyan women. See magnificent wildlife!

trip to Kenya

trip to Kenya


trip to Kenya
One of the places you stay…


Check out more of Linda’s spectacular photographs. Each one tells a story that literally jumps off the page!

trip to Kenya

trip to Kenya

Have you been looking for an adventure of this caliber? Do you have questions? Would you like to join a group of curious, adventurous women with a desire to connect with other women in another country on the other side of the world?

More Details of the trip to Kenya ~

Check here for an itinerary and here to learn from FAQ’s and about your personal safety.

July Trip – Women’s Journey to Kenya July 9-24, 2017   The weather is great in July!

$600 Discount through June 1 (Spaces limited)

You can contact Linda Higdon at linda@globalheartjourneys.net


Discover the website GlobalHeartJourneys.net

If the July dates are not just right for you, there is another trip scheduled for February of 2018. Ask Linda for the Adventures of Empty Nesters discount.

This is a sponsored post, but all opinions and sincere feelings are my own.


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16 thoughts on “A Life-Changing Trip to Kenya with Global Heart Journeys”

  1. What an immense pleasure it was to travel on this journey. Each and every day your heart would open up a little wider as you met these women, mothers, sisters, daughters and heard about their lives. You are standing in a world so vastly different from your own, but surrounded by your sisters. In the end, we are so much the same. Raising our children, caring for our parents, working, finding meaning in the world we have been dropped into. What an immense pleasure to experience the joy and community of groups of women determined to make their world just a little bit brighter. It inspires you to go home and do the same. I cannot recommend this trip enough. You come home with a bit of Kenya and each woman and child you met still in your heart. Thanks, Linda, for a fabulous trip.

    • Wow Andrea, what a heartfelt testimonial! Thank you for sharing this. I am thrilled for you!

  2. Fascinating type of trip. Linda is multi-talented and this unique trip where women learn from the women of Kenya would be enlightening. Visiting other cultures makes us so appreciative of what we have and what other people offer. Great idea.

    • Thank you Janice. I think so too. This is unlike any “tour” that I have ever seen. Linda has combined many intriguing aspects in to a life changing trip.

    • Thank you sweet Irene! When I suggested she talk with you, she already knew you! Special people find each other!

  3. Thank you,Suzanne for your excellent coverage. You have such a creative eye and engaging way of writing to encourage us “empty nesters” to give ourselves permission for that next adventure!! Spreading the word!!

    • Thank you Linda. I love the word “permission”. We have been programmed with “family first” and now that the nest is empty is it our turn! We of course continue to support our families, but we now have more time to explore new adventures. I am excited about it!

  4. I love the idea that this trip allows women to visit a country specifically with a desire to connect with locals, without having to be a missionary to do so! There are many ways to experience other cultures and share understanding, without having to fall into either of the two classifications of ‘tourists’ or ‘do-gooders’.

    • Well said Jane! You understand the idea completely and expressed it so clearly! This trip lies somewhere between the two and would be magical.

  5. I was fortunate enough to visit a remote Maasai village. There are so many first-world citizens who don’t have a clue about how others live, but at the same time celebrate their lives and never seem to complain. I really enjoyed reading about your experience and Global Heart Journeys.

    • Marilyn: You totally understand what it feels like to venture deep into a country and get to the heart of the people. Thank you for sharing your experience.

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