A New Adventure :: Suzanne in Japan with Collette Travel

Japan with Collette Travel
Mt Fuji from Chureito Pagoda

Come with me to Japan with Collette Travel ~

Buckle up friends, I am taking you to Japan! Please join me on all of my social media channels starting Friday! I will be traveling with Collette Travel on their tour 14-day Cultural Treasures of Japan.

Yes, this is a pinch moment and I couldn’t be more excited. The best news is that I can take you with me (kind of). I will be sharing photos, details and video of my adventure all along the way. What better way to get to learn about another culture than to hear all about it from a friend. (That’s me).

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Walking Through Japan: Along the Nakasendo Way

walking through Japan
Yet another marking with the “Nakasendo Way” symbols.


Please welcome back Guest Adventurer, Angela Light, my college roommate and dear friend. She and her husband Jon are avid world travelers and the minute I heard about their most recent travel adventure, walking through Japan, I asked her to share it with you! Thank you Angela! 

Walking Through Japan ~

Last year my then-59-year-old husband announced, “I don’t want a big party for my 60th! I just want to go somewhere with you. “ Jon is an avid sushi fan and a lover of the Japanese culture, so Japan it was. We decided on a three-week journey around spring break that would include two weeks in Japan and a “relaxation” week in Hawaii on the way home.

We had hiked with Backroads in Iceland the summer of 2015 and absolutely loved it.  Jon wanted to duplicate that kind of experience in Japan.  We love resorts, cities, fancy restaurants and hotels, and lots of culture, but we had recently discovered that we also enjoy another kind of adventure.

walking through Japan
We were so fortunate to hit the peak of the cherry blossoms!

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