Luxury Retreats :: Dreaming of a Trip to the Dominican Republic

Punta Cana (Photo by Baar/ullstein via Getty Images)


Is a trip to the Dominican Republic on your destination list?

Do you like to make future travel plans? Do you keep a running list of possible destinations in your head? Written down somewhere on your desk? Or do you just wing it and decide last-minute? I always have an active lineup and it constantly changes. However, at the end of every travel year, one of my favorite activities is to create a list of possible future dream destinations for the very next year. Each calendar year we always include a tropical beach vacation even if it we can only get away for a week.

Part of our criteria is traveling to a fascinating place where we have never been and where there is more to do than just sit on the beach. Many amazing destinations that I am unfamiliar with reach out to me to say hello. I was recently introduced to Dominican Republic home rentals and I was thrilled to hear about the possibilities!

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A Day Trip in Kauai – Hanalei Bay

day trip in kauai

A Hawaiian Vacation in the Winter – Yes Please!

I know many of you are dealing with really cold weather right about now! My friend Laura in Kennebunkport, Maine was looking at -2 degrees and deciding whether to go out. There are scary ice storms across the Midwest and many feet of snow around the country. I admire those of you who tough it out in those frigid temps. When it drops to the 20’s and 30’s that is SUPER COLD for this wimpy Southern Californian.

I see on social media that many people plan trips to warm weather climates during these harsh winter months. I sure would! St Barts, Hawaii, Australia, South America all sound pretty nice right about now. Hawaii is a wonderful destination to visit in the winter.

To be perfectly truthful, a Hawaiian vacation ANY time of year would make me very happy. How about you? We are so spoiled here on the West Coast, we are so much closer to the Hawaiian Islands than those of you in the Midwest, East Coast or Europe. This geographic advantage is quite sizeable and quite fulfilling!

day trip in kauai

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