A Unique Gift for Travelers As Well As Everyone Else!

unique gift for travelers

Are you always on the lookout for a unique gift for travelers ? Take a look here!

Lucky me! Once again I have come across a unique gift for travelers, but it would also appeal to just about everyone! Old or young, adventurous or observer, I find this idea pretty intriguing.

Jessica Larrabee, who is an accomplished traveler and clever entrepreneur, contacted me about her brand new endeavor. Inspired by her love of travel and her noteworthy accomplishment of visiting ALL 50 STATES, she created Explore Local Box.

Explore Local Box will send you a box filled with terrific products from local artisans from a new city in the U.S., each month.

 “Let’s travel across the United States together. Each month a new city will be explored through locally made food and products delivered right to your door.”

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