The baseball game is the same, but the players are different.

There’s no cryin’ in baseball

– Tom Hanks’ character in the movie A League of Their Own.

This is an updated post I wrote about how much the game of baseball has touched our lives. I am certain you will relate to this on some level. It was published in the Huffington Post as well.

Recently we took our dog Rocco for a long walk and unwittingly ended up at the local baseball fields. Baseball season was in full force and we unexpectedly walked smack into to a time warp of sorts. Here we were, the Empty Nesters, with kids all grown and finishing college. I was moved by the realization that our roles have forever changed and we have become the spectators instead of the participants. I watched my devoted baseball husband standing there thoughtfully watching the boys practice. In an instant, all of the fond memories of sitting in the stands and watching our son Nick play, came thundering back to me.



For fourteen glorious years we spent nearly every waking moment at the baseball field. If you are serious about playing, baseball is played year round. There are tournaments, summer ball and winter ball, plus pitching lessons, batting lessons and physical conditioning.

My husband Craig enjoyed a myriad of jobs from t-ball coach, manager, first base coach and for two years even as Little League president. When Nick graduated to playing high school ball, Craig hung up his cleats. His final job was sitting in the stands with me and he enjoyed every bit of that experience as well. Through the years he prepped the fields, cleaned the snack shack, cheered the teams and threw hundreds of batting practices.

At the end of Nick’s last high school season, I joked with the other baseball moms that we should each choose a kindergarten baseball player and follow his career. We could then relive our experience all over again… Not really, but these moments with our kids are so fleeting and so special – you sometimes wish you could go back.

high school baseball
The baseball team wearing their “old school” uniforms.
“Senior Day” – Nick’s last day in baseball.

Our children choose a sport or an activity and we unselfishly devote ourselves to support these activities unconditionally. Don’t you agree? We spend countless hours supporting their passion and we have not regretted one minute. I imagine you have stories to tell of the big game that was won or lost, the broken bones, endless practices or the role in the musical that she was the STAR! Sound familiar?

How is it that our kids have aged 18 years, but we still feel the same?

Although I was wistful, I knew in my heart that this was just part of our journey and those memories of the days of playing baseball are always there for us to reflect upon. For the parents that are still in the middle of it, I say…Enjoy it. I know you’re crazy busy, but one day you won’t be and you can’t get those experiences back.

What do you remember from those days when the kids were younger?

As the umpire says: Play ball!

Enjoy the season,


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8 thoughts on “The baseball game is the same, but the players are different.”

  1. Our kids each played a year of two of t-ball but then moved onto other sports. I spent years watching soccer matches (my daughter’s 1st outing was her brother’s game when she was a week old). Soccer gave way to tennis and both played on their highschool teams. It was fun while it lasted, and I look forward to watching games of grandchildren some day (please dear lord!), but for now am happy to have our weekends to ourselves in or empty nester lives.

    • The Empty Nester weekend has now become “our time ” it is really quite fun! Thank you for reading Heidi and for your comments.

  2. I do agree fully with the statement. I invested years watching soccer matches. Soccer offered approach to tennis and both played on their highschool groups. It was fun while it kept going, and I anticipate watching amusements of grandchildren sometime in the not so distant future, however until further notice am glad to have our weekends to ourselves in or unfilled nester lives. Thanks!

  3. Baseball is part of my life from my early school. My grand father was a great local baseball player. When I started going to school, he teach me how to play baseball. And I always love playing baseball.


  4. What a great article. It’s a shame that time flies so quickly. At least they are amazing memories that will always be treasured! Baseball is a great game to play. Thank you for sharing 🙂


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