25 Reasons to Be Thankful For Time

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When I sat down to contemplate and write about what I am thankful for, the same message kept whirling around in my brain. TIME. I am thankful for time. Do we put enough value on time? Do we spend it in the right places, with the right people? I hope so. I certainly appreciate the time I am able to spend productively and with the people I care about, doing the things I want and hope to do.

Do you give a lot of thought about where you spend your time? Are you thankful for time well spent?

In no particular order…

25 Reasons to Be Thankful for Time

  • Time to spend with the people I love
  • Time to expand my horizon
  • Time to enjoy each other
  • Time to watch my youngest child start his new job
  • Time to hear all of my daughter’s stories and triumphs
  • Time to take another trip
  • Time to watch the sunset with my husband
  • Time to sip an icy cold margarita
  • Time to hug my Dad again and again
  • Time to read a book
  • Time to take a walk
  • Time to spend with my brothers
  • Time to laugh with them
  • Time to see my Mom smile
  • Time to hug my friend
  • Time to learn something new
  • Time to cook for my family
  • Time to exercise my healthy body
  • Time to observe the seasons in my newly adopted city of Seattle
  • Time to sit and appreciate the life we lead
  • Time to encourage another person’s dream
  • Time to laugh at something silly
  • Time to hug Rocco and take him for a walk
  • Time to find adventure

Can you add to this list?

I hope you are able to spend time with the people you love and enjoy every single second. I am sure you will.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!





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8 thoughts on “25 Reasons to Be Thankful For Time”

  1. I just finished reading a book that I highly recommend: Being Mortal. In it the author talks about how our priorities and values can change as we age from accomplishments to time. I know mine certainly have! Hope you enjoy your holiday with the fearsome foursome. I’m with my chickadees in Newport, RI!

    • Heidi – Once again I know that we have more in common everyday. I finished reading Being Mortal a couple of months ago. Since I am living the end of days with my Dad, time is so much more precious. Being Mortal changed my life. I believe everyone should read it. Enjoy your chickadees and stay warm! Happy Thanksgiving! xo

  2. Suzanne, I too believe time is the most valuable thing we have. I’m grateful for time too. I love your list. I’m grateful for the time you spend on your blog to gift us with adventures week after week.

    And thank you Heidi and Suzanne for the book recommendation. I’m going to check it out 🙂

    • Thank you so much Kim! Validation is a good thing and I am so grateful to you for your kind words. You give so much of your TIME to help other women enjoy their lives more. Being Mortal By Atul Gawande is a must read.

  3. Time is such an interesting concept. There are moments when time truly does stand still – sometimes when you wish it wouldn’t, sometimes when you feel it and and relish the moment. Other times Time speeds up and you realize there are moments lost, sometimes thankfully gone and sometimes sadly missed except in memory.
    To be aware of Time is a gift to be treasured.
    to add to the list: Time to enjoy glimpses into others’ lives!
    Happy Thanksgiving!


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