Mama’s Fish House ~ The perfect spot to eat in Maui

On the beach in front of Mama's
On the beach in front of Mama’s Fish House ~ Paia, Hawaii


Our recent anniversary trip to the enchanting island of Maui was filled with new adventures. Hoping to expand our Hawaiian foodie education, we really wanted to immerse ourselves into the amazing local Maui food scene. In my recent post about Maui, I shared how in addition to staying in luxury hotels, we love to eat great food and particularly enjoy the farm to table movement. We like to support the local communities of farmers and celebrate food that is minimally processed and harvested just steps from the restaurants. Mama’s Fish House exemplifies this concept with a menu that includes ingredients that are locally sourced and carefully prepared by artisans, farmers and fisherman.

If I actually admitted how many times we have vacationed in Maui and didn’t visit Mama’s Fish House, I would be totally embarrassed. I had always heard about how amazing Mama’s was, but evidently I didn’t ask enough questions. For some reason we had always hesitated to go because based upon where we stay which is either Kaanapali or Wailea, it would be at least a 30 minute drive to go to dinner there.

We tend to get a bit lazy when we vacation in Maui, so driving more than 10 minutes in any one direction is a chore. Lucky enough for us, there are a plethora of fantastic restaurants within minutes from our hotels.

However, this time we were determined to find out what everyone was raving about! Once we had our airline tickets, I quickly made a reservation on Open Table and we were all set.

What struck me immediately was how Mama’s Fish House was nestled in a gorgeous little secluded area. I half expected a Hollywood film crew to be making a movie around the corner. The beach was just so picturesque and unspoiled for such a popular restaurant location.

A little history~

Located on Maui’s North Shore, Mama’s Fish House is 1.5 miles north of the quiet, small town of Paia on the road to Hana. Family owned and operated, this special restaurant offers the freshest most delectable fish paired with local ingredients to create some of the best food we have eaten in the Hawaiian Islands.

The service is gracious and personal, the restaurant decor is hip, vintage Polynesian and reservations fill up quickly. My advice is to plan ahead and there won’t be a problem. We actually arrived two hours earlier than expected and they accommodated our reservation change with ease. You can also stop in for a drink or have a wonderful lunch as well.

The hosts thoughtfully saved us a sweet little table with a perfect view through a vintage window of the magnificent coco palm beach.The restaurant is quite large, but because we were located in our own special spot, it felt intimate and we enjoyed our spectacular anniversary dinner listening to the waves crash.

Mama’s Fish House
A gorgeous arrangement at the front entrance.
A gorgeous arrangement at the front entrance.


A view of the beach from Mama's Fish House
Our special little corner of the restaurant


Happy Anniversary from Mama's Fish House
Happy Anniversary from Mama’s Fish House




Inside Mama's Fish House
Inside Mama’s Fish House


Spectacular Mai Tai's at Mama's Fish House
Spectacular Mai Tai Roa Ae – Mai Tai Roa Ae is Tahitian for “the best”



Hawaiian Crab Cakes
Macadamia Nut Crab Cakes with fire and ice relish


Local Kula Tomato Salad and Maui Onions
Maliko Bay Tomato Salad and Maui Onions with pine nuts and Point Reyes Blue Cheese


A few details from Mama’s Fish House ~

“Every day our fishermen go out in small boats to catch a variety of fish for us: multi-colored Mahi-mahi and tropical Ono, caught near our buoys 30 miles offshore. Reef-feeding bottom fish like Opakapaka, Onaga, Lehi and Uku, caught at depths of 2000 feet and slowly brought to the surface; fighting Ahi caught far out at sea with fast boats trolling lures; Papio from the lagoons near shore; Moi from the fish ponds.

Fishermen bring the fish directly to us. We process and serve it within 24 hours. Our daily menu lists the name of the fisherman and where they caught their fish.”

Seared Ahi Tuna - Amazing!
Ahi caught by Pat Fisher near the deep ocean buoys, seared with a Hana ginger panko crust with Kalua Pig fried rice


Mahimahi with sautéed mushrooms and capers.
Mahimahi freshly caught by Adam Reeves off Maui’s North Shore with sautéed Hamakua Ali’i mushrooms, white wine and capers. My mouth is watering.


Divine Hana Banana Macadamia Nut Crisp with Tahitian Vanilla Ice Cream


The beautiful beach in front of Mama's Fish House
Another view of the beach~ So pretty it looked like a movie set


While we were dining, I posted a couple of photos on Facebook from our incredible meal. The comments came fast and furious! “It’s our favorite place!” We always go to Mama’s for our anniversary!” “We celebrated my birthday there last year!” We love it there!” and the comments went on and on.

The emotional connection and indelible impression Mama’s Fish House makes on it’s patrons is undeniable. I was touched and amazed by how passionate every single person was about their experience(s). Craig and I felt the same way.

We were charmed by the vintage design of the restaurant, amazed by the sheer beauty of their beach and the food was out of this world. When we return to Maui, I will make sure we have reservations at this one of a kind restaurant.

Tips for going to Mama’s Fish House


Do not visit Maui without a reservation! It is worth the drive! The airport is very close to Mama’s and therefore planning your reservation around your arrival or departure is a great time saver. However, the drive to Mama’s Fish House is beautiful from any direction and so it can easily fit in to your plans. Just don’t miss it. If I had read a post like this years ago, I would have been enjoying Mama’s Fish House for a long time now instead of just our first time! Reservations can be made on Open Table or by calling the restaurant directly.



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21 thoughts on “Mama’s Fish House ~ The perfect spot to eat in Maui”

  1. Well, you picked a nice spot – Maui – for an anniversary :-). Food is such an important part of a trip, we think. And we don’t apologize for enjoying it! We’ve eaten at Mama’s Fish House – it’s one of the best restaurants on the island (as you show). Your post makes us hungry!

  2. I’ve been to Maui many times, too, and never gone to Mama’s Fish House. I’ve heard from others that it is a must, but this detailed description from you has pushed it to the top of my to-do list for my next visit, which I hope will be very, very soon.

  3. Incredible views and cuisine not to mention some fantastic looking Mai Tai Roa Ae! I’ve added Mama’s Fish House to my must-visit list! .

  4. I absolutely love Mama’s Fish house and oh those crab cake pupus, so amazing! I also think how they support local fishermen and purveyed food from the island is wonderful.

  5. Thanks for taking us to Mama’s Fish House. We’ve been to Maui many times over the years but Mama’s has always been out of our budget range. We do love Mama’s beach out front and have spent many an afternoon there lounging in the sand.

    • Nathalie – Mama’s is pretty pricey. One way around it it to just go into the bar for a drink (they are amazing) and some crab cakes. What a great idea to just go and sit in that amazing little cove. I look forward to doing that next time.

  6. Funny story – Mama’s Fish House is one of the few that I would take the time to recommend as a must go to restaurant in Maui. When my son was 4 we traveled to Maui and made a point to go to Mama’s. Mikey, just like the kid in the commercial, will try anything. He was excited to have fish, FRESH fish! We had some sort of crusted mahi mahi which was delicious. I explained to Mikey how they get the fish fresh, that they go out in the boats and fish and bring it in and cook it up for us. He looked at me and excitedly said “we gotta get a boat!”


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