A Mother/Daughter Trip to Italy ~By Kathleen


mother/daughter trip to Italy
(The matching dress pic). We love our perfect linen dresses that we bought in Anacapri at the darling boutique Sesto Senso.


Please welcome new Guest Adventurer, Kathleen. She is a sorority sister of mine from UCLA, a teacher, a mom, a great friend and wonderful person. When I saw the photos of her trip to Italy on Facebook, I begged her to share her trip! She graciously offered to write up a little something for us and let us drool over her incredibly beautiful photos! Thank you Kathleen!

A Mother/Daughter Trip to Italy ~

My daughter Jacqueline and I just spent an amazing 2 weeks in Italy to celebrate her graduation from USC. We absolutely loved everything about Italy including the people, history, architecture, art, the sea and the food. We planned our entire trip using other travelers’ reviews on TripAdvisor and everything met our expectations.

trip to Italy
Jacqueline and I arriving by ferry on the island of Capri. We know we are in for an incredible experience.

We spent time in Rome, Capri, Positano and Florence. We traveled by high-speed train, taxi’s, public buses, private drivers and ferries.

trip to Italy
Jacqueline posing at the exquisite Trevi Fountain in Rome.


trip to Italy
After Jacqueline continued on her European adventure I had one day in Rome by myself. I explored both the Colosseum and at the Arch of Constantine (Constantine is my maiden name.)


Maybe because we live on an island ourselves (Oahu), Capri truly captured our hearts. Our private boat tour around the island with Gianni’s Boat was amazing. We visited beautiful coves, swam in clear water, ate a delicious picnic lunch made by Gianni’s mother and even went through the arch of one of the rocks of the Faraglioni.

Our boat cruise ~

trip to Italy
Our amazing boat ride with Stefano as we cruised around the stunning Island of Carpri. We even went through one of the Faraglioni, the beautiful rock formations right off the coast.


trip to Italy
Entering the water at Gradola which is near the Blue Grotto on the Island of Capri. The water was so clear and perfectly refreshing.


Jacqueline and I exploring a cove after jumping in the water from our tour boat. We loved being on our little wooden boat with our captain Stefano.
Jacqueline and I exploring a cove after jumping in the water from our tour boat. We loved being on our little wooden boat with our captain Stefano.


trip to Italy
The Blue Grotto was truly this blue. While inside, we were serenaded by the rowers singing Italian songs.


On Capri we stayed at an exquisite boutique hotel, Orsa Maggiore Capri in Anacapri. The service was personal and warm. The view was beautiful and the room lovely in every way.

Our boutique hotel in Anacapri, Orsa Maggiore Capri, was excellent in every way. The infinity pool with a few of the sea was an amazing touch.


trip to Italy
Maliblu Wine and Tapas at the Faro Punta Carena was the perfect local/ visitor place to have a drink and take in the breathtaking sunset.


We loved evenings in the city center of Anacapri. The local people were out and about enjoying their families and for us the feel was just right. The food and shopping were both superb.

trip to Italy
Jacqueline and I had an amazing rooftop terrace in Florence at Hotel L’Orologio Florence. We saw the view and had to go buy paints and get to work painting. The art supply store Zecchi, was also an incredible treat.

Rome, Positano and Florence were all amazing as well. We painted, ate, hiked, swam, bumped into old friends, rode bikes, drank wine and explored a castle. It was a trip of a lifetime for us.

trip to Italy
We took an awesome bike ride with Tuscany Cycle out in the Tuscany countryside. We rode through hills and vineyards and ended with lunch at a beautiful castle.


trip to Italy
We loved dinner with Katie and Julie in Positano! Julie and I were sorority sisters 30 years ago and happened to bump into each other at the bus stop in Positano.


And now, Jacqueline is off to New York to begin her career. Yes, that doubles the distance between us, but both of us will hold this trip in our hearts for many years to come.

Thank you Kathleen for sharing your very special trip to Italy with Jacqueline!

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  1. Hi Kathleen, I am just planning a similar adventure with my Mum, and would love to know your itinerary and how long you spent in each place!


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