A New Cooking Class With The World Cooking Project

An online cooking class - Enchilada Verdes

A fun new cooking class!

Cooking for my family has been one of the greatest joys of my life. My skill level has improved over the last 30 years and the techniques I have learned from accomplished chefs have layered my basic skills with a depth of knowledge I could have never received from a book. These cooking classes have inspired me to try new dishes, expanded my culinary range and I have also determined that chefs, are my type of Rock Star!

I love the way they approach their craft with heart, skillfulness and creativity. A chef’s strong desire to make delicious food is coupled with the fact that the presentation of the dish is as important as the taste of the food!

Here is a brief video, filmed and edited by my son Nick, of my fantastic experience taking  a class through The World Cooking Project! For those of you who are receiving this post by email, please click HERE to see the video.


Fortunately, someone who loves chefs and food as much as I do found Adventures of Empty Nesters and therefore she found me! Sara Dietrich is CEO of The World Cooking Project and she wrote me a lovely email explaining how on March 1st, she launched The World Cooking Project. The World Cooking Project was created from her love of food and world travel. It’s a really exciting idea that connects people from all over the world through online, interactive cooking instruction classes.

Since they are a startup, they wanted some help getting the word out!  She read a few of my blog posts and thought that we would be a great match. I was so thrilled that Sara reached out to me! I immediately went to visit The World Cooking Project’s new website to check out all of the possibilities!

I couldn’t wait to email her back letting her know how excitied I was to take a class from a chef somewhere in the world!  I reviewed the website and decided that I wanted to take a class from Chef Luis from Mexico. He was going to teach me how to make Enchilada Verdes and I couldn’t wait!

The whole process from start to finish was so E-A-S-Y and affordable! Once I decided which class to take, The World Cooking Project took over from there. They quickly responded with an email and we worked out an agreeable date that suited my calendar as well as Chef Luis’.They sent me a detailed list of ingredients as well as any pans or equipment I would need.

I have recently purchased a 1937 “fixer upper” home and my kitchen is far from fancy! My stove is from the 50’s and my kitchen tile from the 80’s is a groovy shade of green! Therefore no worries about where you cook, any type of kitchen will be perfect for taking the class.

I set up my computer to connect with Luis via Skype. It was really fun talking with him and getting to meet his children who were with him in his Mexican kitchen. We both were making enchiladas simultaneously in two different countries! I LOVED it! My son videotaped me taking the class and my husband kept the dog from barking. It was a family affair at my house as well.

Once Luis and I finished making the enchiladas, both of our families enjoyed tasting them together, still connected by Skype. I learned how to make a tomatillo sauce that was super easy, yet incredibly delicious. Chef Luis made sure that my presentation was perfect as well!

Enchilada Verdes

I think that Sara and her team at The World Cooking Project have created an interactive, educational and delicious experience! What a great way to learn about other cultures than through our mutual love of food. I can’t wait to take another class and I plan to give one as a gift to my Mom for Mother’s Day!


Please take a moment and check out their website and when you purchase a class, type “empty nesters” in the notes section!

Which class will you choose?


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22 thoughts on “A New Cooking Class With The World Cooking Project”

  1. Oh those enchiladas look so good! This is a wonderful idea – food is always a great way to connect with other people. There is something special about the act of creating your own meal from scratch. And I love that they pay so much attention to presentation – it does make a difference!

    • Susan, you are so right! Taking time to make food for your family and friends is so satisfying. I loved the whole experience.

  2. Suzanne, I absolutely love this idea! Your dish looked gorgeous; I’m sure it tasted amazing. I love that you videotaped for more interesting sharing. How wonderful to connect with people from around the world over a universal common love of cooking. Thanks for a great post!!

    • Thank you Barbara! The video isn’t perfect,but it does capture how easy and fun the class is to take! Thank you for reading and watching and commenting!

  3. Suzanne,
    I just watched your video…the enchiladas look great (and so do you!)
    Only one problem, I’M HUNGRY after watching and craving Mexican food.
    Keep the wonderful posts coming.

    • Thanks for reading and watching Jan! Thank you for the kind words too! I hope my adventures are making you all smile! The enchiladas were so delicious and not difficult to make!

  4. Thank you everyone for the wonderful comments! As the co-founder of the project, I am continually impressed by the creations made by our cooking teams. Thank you all again and we look forward to having you cook with us! Gift certificates are available.


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