Attention Empty Nester Photographers!

Are you a photographer? No, not a professional, just someone who loves photography!

Do like to take photos? Do you have an Instagram account? We are looking for empty nester photographers who would like to share their photos!

Do you like to take pictures of your cat? Your dog? The sunset? Doors? Windows? Food? Cities? Cars? People? Flowers? Trees? Landscapes?Buildings?

You get the idea…. maybe you are a bit shy to write a post for us about an adventure, but you are willing to share some of your fabulous photos?

We would love to see them and experience your adventures!

It is so fun to see the world through the eye of the lens. What interests you? What gets your creativity working on all cylinders?

Please email me at and let me know if you have photos to share!


One of my photographic passions: I have a thing for doors…
















The Photos:

1. Old door in Willemstad, Curacao 2. Synagogue Mikvé Israel-Emanuel in Willemstad, Curacao 3. Abbey Road Studios, London 4. Apple Store, London 5. Amsterdam, The Netherlands 6. Pisa, Italy 7. My son’s apartment, Florence, Italy 8. Pretty in pink, Willemstad, Curacao

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10 thoughts on “Attention Empty Nester Photographers!”

    • Tam: Send us some themed photos of your adventures! I just updated Comment Luv – you are the only one who has had issues with it that I know of. The update should help!

    • Heather: Thank you for sharing! Sometimes I feel a little crazy , but I find doors so fascinating. I LOVE barns, but I live in LA and don’t get the opportunity to see any! I met a new friend from Iowa and she takes barn photos, she laughs and says, I see them everyday! Her Instagram is @travelswithsara Do you have an Instagram account? Mine is @suzannestavert

  1. Hi Suzanne, I used to live in LA and I’m an equestrian, so I know a lot of barns to recommend. Most are on the west side of town, but if you go out that way there is Hidden Hills (i used to live there), Hidden Valley, Malibu, Sullivan Canyon (Brentwood), Topanga Canyon, etc. I can give you a list if you want to go see.
    PS La Canada Flintridge is very horsey as well, and in your backyard. Google Flintridge Riding club.


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