Traveling with your pets: They can #findadventure too!

The #findadventure campaign has got legs! The four-legged kind! Do you enjoy traveling with your pets? Taking a canine companion along is one creative way to mix it up, keep the family together and add a different kind of adventure to your travel!

Our goal with the find adventure challenge was to inspire everyone to be creative and think outside the box, try new things and travel new places. To find adventure! We created #findadventure stickers to take with you as you find adventure in your life.


Our friends Eric and Edie took the campaign in a fun direction by including their pets on their to coast to coast drive to Southern California.

Edie Diesel and Eric


See how our pets can #findadventure too!


Edie and Eric took their two dogs, Diesel and Riley on a road trip across the United States from South Carolina all the way to Southern California.  To add some more fun to this mix, they chose to include their dogs on their photographic adventure. Diesel their labrador, even has his own Instagram account and over 1,000 followers! You can find him @dieselthechocolatelab

Here are a few of their photos from the four legged adventure!

Diesel and Riley


Edie shares her thoughts about the pet-friendly accommodations on their road trip:

On our way out…we departed Greenville, South Carolina on September 6th, stayed in Memphis and Dallas and arrived in Orange County on September 9th.  We planned to stay in Santa Fe after Dallas however, our beagle Riley was sick and not doing well so we drove straight through from Dallas. The hotel in Memphis was not worth mentioning (it was a pet-friendly Marriott hotel in downtown Memphis) and we stayed at the Kimpton Hotel Lumen in Dallas on the way to California.

On our return trip to Greenville we departed Orange County on Sunday, November 16th, stayed at the Hotel Parq Central in Albuquerque, (LOVED it!) and again at the Hotel Lumen in Dallas,  (LOVED it too!) and then straight home to Greenville. We never stayed very long in either city we visited since we were on a mission to get home quickly. However, I would have to say we loved both of the properties on our return trip to SC. Both were wonderful accommodations and fantastic pet-friendly properties.
Diesel at Hotel Parq Central in Albuquerque ~ He ordered sliders from room service
Diesel at Hotel Lumen in Dallas ~ He was treated like a king!
Chillin’ by the pool at Hotel Lumen


Diesel loves the decor.
I would highly recommend both properties…the Kimpton hotels are all pet-friendly and do not charge for pets at any of their hotels nationwide.  If you do not bring a pet, they will accommodate your room with a goldfish to keep you company while visiting. A friendly staff welcomes you and your pet with open arms! We missed the complimentary wine hour from 5 to 6pm and they still accommodated us with a glass of wine when we arrived. We did not know what to expect when we arrived at The Hotel Parq Central in Albuquerque. It was such a welcome surprise to be so impressed at how lovely it was and how much we loved this unique hotel. Complete with a wonderful staff, comfortable rooms, beautiful grounds and breakfast included!  We would have stayed longer at both properties if we had the time to do so and would certainly love to return.
Sweet little Riley passed away while in California.


Thank you to Edie and Eric for sharing their inspiring cross country road trip with their canine companions.  As clever and creative pet owners, they turned what could have been a long and exhausting trip into a successful pet friendly adventure. Diesel is such great role model and most certainly on his way to fame and fortune too!

Have your traveled with your pets?

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24 thoughts on “Traveling with your pets: They can #findadventure too!”

  1. Not being much of a pet person I still get a tickle about all that’s involved in traveling with your ‘best friends.’ Just attended a talk by travel writer, Maggie Espinosa, who wrote about the Pampered Pooch on the road in California. Fun stuff.

  2. We loved traveling with our elderly Little Daisy, who had her own Facebook page with adoring fans. The House of Blues hotel in Chicago was her favorite stop, where she was greeted by name like royalty (we were merely chopped liver), given a silver bowl of dog biscuits upon arrival in the room, and welcomed to sit at the bar. She has since passed on and we really, really miss her. We met a lot of fun people because Daisy was just so darn cute. I was sorry to see that Riley passed away on this trip. Diesel looks like a real character. I’m off to follow him on Instagram. 🙂

    • Thank you Betsy – I am sorry about Daisy. Isn’t it fun how easy it is to meet people when you have a friendly dog? Rocco and I meet people all of the time! The House of Blues sounds like a great pet-friendly hotel.

    • Irene – I can’t imagine flying with an animal. I have noticed that a lot more hotels welcome dogs. Its a strange feeling getting into an elevator with one!

    • I have just recently come to “the other side” and have become a dog person! I have not yet traveled with my puppy – He is too wild!

  3. We’ve done a few several day driving trips with dogs, but mostly to get from point a to point b. We didn’t stop for sight-seeing or adventures along the way. Pet-friendly hotels are so important. it was also nice to discover some pet-friendly restaurants. It is usually a patio area that is pet-friendly, so they are an option in cold or inclement weather.

  4. I have zero interest in traveling with a pet, but your story does make it sound like fun. My pet of choice, however, is a cat, and I don’t think I’ll want to travel with a cat any time soon. I do have a friend who has traveled cross country in a car several times with TWO cats and a litter box so I know it can be done, but count me out! 🙂


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