Do you have a bucket list?

Lets talk about the bucket list:

bucket list


Do you have a bucket list? If so, did you write it down? Make it official? It is said that dreams become goals when you write them down. I even found a website where you can create and track your bucket list, get inspired by others’ goals and see how they have achieved their goals as well. Evidently you can share your goals on the website and keep track of who does what. Kind of like a calorie counter for your bucket list! All kidding aside I can see where it could be fun and empowering to share your personal bucket list with other people. However… if you think I am sharing my entire list today please do not be disappointed, because I am not. But I will give you a peek into my idea of how to organize the list.

How this all began…

When my children were grown and in college and when my nest emptied out for the last time, it was a difficult period in my life. I missed my kids terribly and felt like I was running in circles most of the time, not sure what to do next. I was envious of other Moms who seemed to have their act together. I was mopey and whiny and felt a bit directionless. I am typically an outgoing and happy person, but I just couldn’t focus. I spent a lot of time alone, contemplating my future. What did I really want to do with my life? How can I be the happiest me I can be?

I then expanded upon this notion and deduced that millions of other empty nesters are contemplating the same kinds of thoughts. They could all have the same fears, questions and indecisiveness that I had. Consequently, I managed to hatch one more bird in the nest: Adventures of Empty Nesters: The Blog. A website designed to bring together a community of empty nesters where we can share all of our experiences.

Starting this blog has been a bucket list item of sorts. It has also been challenging, rewarding, exciting, scary, fulfilling, exhilarating and self esteem building. Who wants to feel exhilarated at 52 years old? ME!

Since I have created my life has been enriched by leaps and bounds. In the past five months, I have connected with longtime friends and made terrific new friends along the way. I have happily discovered a wonderfully creative writer/friend and empty nester, named Kim, who lives in Northern California. She writes a delightful blog called Fifty Fifty Vision. While I was writing this post, she was simultaneously sharing her bucket list for all the world to see on her blog. Bravo to Kim! Great minds do think alike, don’t they?

Although I have not physically written my list down like Kim has, it seems to be constantly floating about in my head. There are lots of things I personally want to accomplish during this second “adventurous” phase of my life. I believe (when I actually write it down) I will divide my list into three parts: Places I have always wanted to see/go; Things I have always wanted to experience; and Things I have always wanted to do (personally).

My birthday is next week and my thoughtful husband of 30 years is generously giving me something that is almost at the very top of my elusive bucket list. He is taking me to The French Laundry, one of the most incredible restaurants in the world. As a self proclaimed foodie, dining at the French Laundry in the Napa Valley has always been on my bucket list, but it was the kind of dream that I truly didn’t think would ever happen. The reservations are nearly impossible to obtain, and it is outrageously expensive (but worth every nickel).

Dining at The French Laundry, part of my bucket list.

Next Monday I will be experiencing the greatest meal of my life courtesy of my loving husband Craig and the divine chefs of The French Laundry. Scratch off one of the “Things I would like to experience list”!

Dining at The French Laundry in on my bucket list!



How about you? Do you have any plans to write a bucket list?

All the best,



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13 thoughts on “Do you have a bucket list?”

  1. Suzanne, what a wonderful surprise. You know, I have been thinking about your upcoming birthday at French Laundry all week! Can’t wait to meet you in real life!!!

  2. Excited for you! Wine and food – always at the top of my bucket list! Looking forward to hearing about the adventure!

  3. First of all, Happy Birthday, my new friend! I hope the dinner will be as delectable as your dreams. How fortunate you are to have such a thoughtful husband!

    What’s on my bucket list? As a destination: Australia, but it will likely be a couple of years before I get there. As an experience: to be a guest on a national TV show so that I can tell the world about my chocolate travel adventures. And things I want to do: explore the cocoa plantations of Madagascar. I truly love chocolate from Madagascar and hope to get there in the next 2 years. There … It ‘s official!

    • Thank you for the birthday wishes! I love birthdays for everyone! By writing down your dreams they become reality! Good for you. We recently went to Australia and I loved it so much, I would drop everything to go there again soon. I have several posts that I wrote about Australia.Scroll back a bit. It will whet your appetite! I knew about Madagascar vanilla… but not about the chocolate! Thank you for your comments. 🙂

  4. I used to think that having a “bucket list” was a tad cliche. Every once in a while, something would come up in conversation that would elicit the comment, “that belongs on my bucket list!” But it wasn’t written down so I wasn’t keeping track. Well the other day, I came across a note in my iPhone entitled “Bucket List” and I was so excited to see that I actually had written them down! There were some pretty unusual things on that list that I otherwise would have forgotten. As you can see, I forget a lot of things these days. I am going to keep adding and prioritizing and hopefully start checking things off!!

    • I agree with you regarding the “formal” bucket list per se. I need to come up with a more clever title. Personal Adventure List? Maybe… I think that we tend to spend so much time focusing on our families that most often Moms don’t dig deep into what they really want. By writing ideas down and prioritizing we can all make these “adventures” happen! I am glad to hear you have started a list of sorts, anything you want to share?


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