Photo Friday – The Grand Finale of Our Trip to Curacao

My photos… They are the real deal, no editing!

I thought that “Photo Friday” would be a fantastic excuse to share more of my photos of Curacao. The unique beauty of the island and all of it’s splendor is truly unparalleled. We had so much fun feeding the ostriches at the farm and meandering through the streets of colorful Willemstad and enjoying the historic architecture. The shores are lined with breathtaking white sand beaches and turquoise water. The local people were charming and friendly. It is no surprise that we would go back to beautiful Curacao in a heartbeat!


 Sunday afternoon on a local beach

photo Friday


 Authentic Curacao

Photo Friday - Curacao


These are views of the lovely beach at the Hyatt property where we stayed. It is now called the Santa Barbara Beach and Golf Resort, Curacao. The resort was so beautiful and the staff was so helpful and kind.

Photo Friday- Santa Barbara Beach and Golf Resort, Curacao

 Our view of the dock

Photo Friday- Santa Barbara Beach and Golf Resort, Curacao


Purple is my favorite color




Photo Friday- Santa Barbara Beach and Golf Resort, Curacao


My favorite photo: On the dock looking at the shore of the resort



As promised… My obsession with antique doors and shutters in Willemstad, Curacao











 The gorgeous tiled bar at Restaurant & Cafe Mundo Bizarro, Willemstad



“The purest and most thoughtful minds are those which love color the most.” 
― John RuskinThe Stones of Venice

To learn more, visit the Curacao Tourist Board website or feel free to email me at

I hope you make plans to travel to the island of Curacao and experience the rainbow of beauty that we did.

Safe travels my friend.


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26 thoughts on “Photo Friday – The Grand Finale of Our Trip to Curacao”

  1. Looks fun and so beautiful – you were lucky with the weather! What time of the year was your trip?

    I love the windows and doors. I have a board on Pinterest devoted to doors!

  2. Thank you Tam! I used my Friday photos as an excuse to share the door and shutter photos! I think they are soo cool!

  3. I love doing colorful doors and portals, the aged patina on some of these are beautiful. Hope you can share it with us for Travel Photo Mondays

    • I couldn’t believe the beauty of the aged doors. These photos are unedited and I love them! A compliment from such a talented photographer means so much, thank you! I will definitely post on Travel Photo Monday!

  4. There must be something very compelling about doors. My husband and I have also been known to zero in on them during our travels. He even did a photo series on door knockers in Queretero, Mexico. We also succumbed in Dublin, but that’s so cliche that there’s a poster of Dublin doors. Our visit to Curacao was as a cruise stop. Your resort photos make me wish we had stayed longer.

    • It is great to hear that you have an affinity for doors as well! The door photos sound very cool. I took door photos in London, Amsterdam and Florence this past Fall. Evidently I have a possible “obsession” brewing! Thank you for reading and comments!

  5. Hi Suzanne: Lovely pics and tribute to your visit to Curacao.

    Yes, I became quite obsessed with doors and door knockers when we were in Italy. Some really amazing ones in Tuscany. Makes it more interesting when wandering the side streets.

    • Hi Doreen: Your story about Tuscany triggered my memory of Florence and all of my door photos from there! Ha! Maybe there is a collaborative photo post of “doors around the world” in the making! Thank you for reading and for your comments!

    • Glad you feel the same about unedited photos. Sometimes I enhance a photo for Instagram, but most of the time I let them stand on their own. Thank you for your comments and for reading!

    • Carole – So true,the Jewish temple was magnificent. I should have written a post just about that. They brought the sand with them and they had to worship in secret so the sand was quiet for their feet.

  6. Your photos are amazing and I’m AMAZED that they are not edited!!! I can NOT say the same – well I could, but that would be an untruth. You are an inspiration to me to try to get straighter photos and use the right settings on my camera more often. Curacao looks gorgeous. I love your photo of the old boat. One of my favorite colors is purple too.

    • You are so sweet!When the subject matter is as amazing as Curacao you don’t need to edit! Thank you for the kind words. It is so nice to hear!

  7. We also have quite a few photos of doors and windows in our collection of pictures. In Mexico and Central America there’s also the addition of the ornate grillwork and gates around the windows and doors that serve to frame the openings while providing security. The wrought-iron can be welded and crafted into some very pleasing artwork!

  8. Suzanne-so refreshing to say great photos without any editing. It’s hard to know what’s real any more with all the different apps we can use, and I’m as guilty as the next person. Love the door series, I am always looking for interesting entry ways and your’s are great.

    • Thank you Alison – Apps change everything – I just wanted people to know that those were the actual colors. They were so unique. Thank you for the kind words and for reading!


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